Voting From Pirate Congress 2011 Is Now Open

Pirate Congress 2011 is nearly over, all we need to do is vote!

A big thank you to those that attended or participated remotely in the debate on Saturday and Sunday, in Sydney. We hope that many more will attend in Melbourne, July 2012.

We have emailed out voting links to all our registered members to vote on the motions and National Council positions. There are thirteen (13) motions that need to go to a vote by all members and there are three (3) positions that are contested and require a vote. Voting will be open for seven (7) days.

The voting system we are using has been developed in house to use a blind signature scheme whereby we can’t determine who made a particular vote only that it is a valid vote.

In order to ensure the legitimacy of this election we are posting the public key for this election – only votes signed with this key are valid. We have posted the hash of a file that contains information that will ensure that in the event that the votes are disputed the election results can be validated. We are working towards a system where you can see for your self that the election is sound and when finished the information below will be used to prove this.

Poll public keys:
X: 9e4c0442226957f92f58b18ee490e3d8b77b3dcf635931db64cf843eb8993bd7
Y: 1b9ef4861cac86856b2fab9bbdb6d4204985eb678f611868f0a268ff4429c1f3

SHA256 of proof file: