National Congress 2011 Results

Results of Pirate Party Australia’s recent National Congress are in.

The annual National Congress took place on the last weekend of October this year, and the results of the week-long voting process are able to be announced.

Pirate Party Australia passed all motions with the exception of the proposal to change their official colours from blue to purple, which failed to achieve the necessary two-thirds majority.

The results were as follows:

  • Motion 1: raising the quorum from 10% to 12% – passed 89% in favour.
  • Motion 2: correction of a grammatical error in the constitution – passed 98.5% in favour.
  • Motion 3: to make the Party Secretary responsible for minuting – passed 99% in favour.
  • Motion 4: to make the president responsible for co-ordinating the national council – passed 100% in favour.
  • Motion 5: for inclusion in the platform a policy on the recognition of E-petitions – passed 92.5% in favour.
  • Motion 6: for inclusion in the platform that software commissioned by government should be open-source – passed 89% in favour.
  • Motion 7: that purple is adopted as the new party colour – defeated 40% against.
  • Motion 8: to prepare PPAU promotional materials for O-Week 2012 – passed 100% in favour.
  • Motion 9: to produce a ‘Pirate Sampler’ for O-Week 2012 – passed 100% in favour.
  • Motion 10: to commence a ‘Pirate Roadshow’ to educate around the nation on PPAU-related issues – passed 92% in favour.
  • Motion 11: on the transference of digital property – defeated on the Congress floor.
  • Motion 12: not voted on – see minutes of Congress.
  • Motion 13: that the party make an official statement regarding patent wars – passed 98.5% in favour.

Members of the National Council were also elected following the congress:

  • President — David Campbell
  • Deputy President — Simon Frew
  • Party Secretary — Brendan Molloy
  • Deputy Party Secretary — David Haidon
  • Treasurer — Rodney Serkowski
  • Deputy Treasurer — Jack Coulter
  • Party Agent — Alexis Shaw

The votedata.json file is the actual data from the election.

The above file can be used to generate vote-results.txt using this script:

Another script,, can be used to generate the .blt files for OpenSTV 1.6, which was used for generating the preferential voting results using the Condorcet Schulze method. The output from these files is listed below:

The next Pirate Party Australia National Congress is planned for late July, 2012.