Pirate Party Australia condemns Labor’s plan to install compulsory full body scanners at international airports[1]. These systems have been proven ineffective time and time again, and the privacy and economic forfeitures far outweigh any perceived security benefits.

Despite having had only a handful of “terrorist plots” domestically – none of which were successful – the Government continues to push the myth that privacy invasion is necessary for “security”. Considering that the few planned terrorist attacks in Australia have been prevented under current laws, Pirate Party Australia questions whether introducing new legislation is actually in the national interest.

“I fail to see how they can justify installing such a system when we have had no terrorist attacks under the current overzealous anti-terrorism laws. It’s lunacy,” commented Party Secretary, Brendan Molloy. “Why would the scheme be only international, and not domestic? What security benefits are gained by banning those who would prefer a patdown from flying?”

Furthermore, the Pirate Party are concerned over the continued trend of opaque decision making by the Labor Government.

“Why has the public once again been not consulted by this Government when intending to implement legislation that will be yet another attack on our civil liberties? We have repeatedly seen plans and schemes negotiated in secrecy – ACTA, as a recent example – that threaten our rights, and have had no chance to raise our concerns until it is too late,” Molloy continued. “Why would Australia adopt such a scheme given that cities such as Hamburg have rejected the system as unworkable? They are playing on fears to take away our civil liberties.”

Pirate Party Australia believes that until their questions are answered in full, and the public consulted, there is no legitimate way the Labor Government can implement such draconian laws with public support.

“If the government wanted to do something other than carrying out yet another act of security theatre, there are several successful strategies deployed in areas of serious instability. For example: Ben Gurion Airport in Israel has not had a terrorist attack since 1972, and they do not employ body scanners. Instead they question all travelers about the purpose of their trip, and have a strong uniformed and plain-clothed security presence. The Government need to realise that throwing money and resources at an issue is not always the best approach,” concluded Deputy President, Simon Frew.

[1] http://www.theage.com.au/travel/travel-news/body-scanners-to-be-installed-across-australian-international-airports-20120205-1qzdz.html
[2] (See above).

One comment on “Body Scanners Are “Security Theatre” Says Pirate Party Australia

  1. “Why has the public once again been not consulted by this Government when intending to implement legislation that will be yet another attack on our civil liberties?…”

    Because successive Australian governments of both persuasions have turned Australia into Americas little bitch.

    Our “representatives” in Canberra take their orders from Washington DC and the politicians in DC take their orders from their corporate owners.

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