‘Get A Warrant’ — Pirate Party makes election pledge

Pirate Party Australia is proud to launch ‘Get A Warrant‘ — a website dedicated to the Party’s pledge to wind back the ever-increasing surveillance powers of Government agencies, while outlining positive policies to take Australia forward.

While both major parties whip up hysteria to paint the other as untrustworthy and economically incompetent, their similarities run deep. An issue they have both artfully avoided is the bipartisan support for attacking civil liberties in Australia through growing warrantless surveillance regimes.

“We are pledging to ensure that all Australians have the right to privacy,” said Brendan Molloy, lead Senate candidate for NSW. “We are calling for an end to treating citizens as suspects, and Get A Warrant outlines our promise to the Australian people. If we are elected, we will push as hard as we can to promote a society free from the fear that the Government is always looking over our shoulders.”

“We will fight for a society free of unreasonable censorship regimes, and for a transparent government. A vote for the Pirate Party is a vote to pressure the Government to respect our right to privacy, and recognise their obligation to being transparent.”

‘Get A Warrant’ was launched against the backdrop of continued revelations of secret surveillance programs operated by the United States and its allies, including Australia. Pirate Party Australia has set out in plain terms what it will do to protect Australians’ privacy and roll back clandestine spy operations, while offering positive change to take Australia forward, such as legislative protection for human rights and civil liberties.

“Privacy is a fundamental right, one that is necessary for a free and democratic society to function. The assault on privacy supported by both major parties is a threat to our freedom we are providing a positive alternative,” Mr Molloy continued. “Get A Warrant highlights our pledge to defend and extend civil liberties, where Labor and the Liberals both utterly fail.”

A vote for Pirate Party Australia is a vote for privacy, a vote for liberty, and a vote for transparency. Visit http://getawarrant.org.au for more info!