Pirate Party Australia Webcast – Episode 13

The webcast returns for a new season this week and Sam introduces new co-host Brandon Selic to the show. They discuss the coming election, Pirate Party Australia’s senate candidates, the 2016 federal budget and asylum seekers. Subscribe to the feed, or view past episodes.

Link mentioned in the budget discussion:

Guess whose electorate negatively gears the most…

3 thoughts on “Pirate Party Australia Webcast – Episode 13

  1. Seriously guys, 56 minutes of waffle with bad sound.
    Work out your questions first.
    Speak into the microphone.
    Shjort and sharp to the point
    Yes, we know the other suck, but what are you going to do, what are your polices
    at 10mins I’m out.

  2. terryc is regrettably correct. Nobody is going to watch a 56 min political podcast, not even the faithful. Snips. 2-3 mins max that can be shared on Twitter, FB and G+. You know we have short att … ooo shiny!

  3. I was somewhat disappointed by this. I do appreciate the time taken to do this but the lack of format and clarity was disappointing. This podcast is not something I can give to others and say “Here is a snippet from the Pirate Party and what they are about” as no one is going to listen to something this long with such little content. How about defining exactly what topics you will cover at the beginning of a podcast and give each topic the same amount of time so people listening can skip to topics of their choice if they want to. 1 hour isn’t too long if it’s indexed this way but it’s certainly too long for rambling with no agenda set out. Let the community drive half of the content topics too, so have the first half covering Pirate Party values and policies and the second half Pirate Party policies pertinant to questions asked by the public. Nice to hear representatives with real life experiences and who have overcome trials and hardship in life, use this to identify with common folk but don’t overdo it. Look forward to a more refined podcast next time taking into account the feedback of others and myself 🙂

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