Pirate Party Praises Protests

The Pirate Party proudly supports the American people in their protests against the troubling treatment of immigrants and refugees to their country. The freedom which allows the people to speak out against cruel and unjust laws is vital to a healthy democracy. The targetting of specific races, cultures or faiths will only divide communities, rather than unite them. It is promising to see that the American people are still willing to welcome the poor, the tired, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Even if their government is not.

“We think that Australia has much to learn from America in this matter” said Simon Frew, Pirate Party President. “We do not treat refugees well in Australia. We do not give them a fair go. Amnesty International has called us out on our “Appalling abuse” and “neglect of refugees on Nauru”[1]. Australia has even published the “World’s Harshest Anti-Immigration Ad”[2] in an attempt to alienate us from those seeking refuge.”

The US has agreed to take on the refugees that Australia refuses to accept, and we have been told that Australia will follow the example of Trump on border protection policies[3]. The Pirate Party does not stand for the values projected by Malcolm Turnbull’s government, and asks all Australians to stand and voice their opposition to this government’s treatment of asylum seekers.

“We have ‘boundless plains to share’, or so we say. Why then won’t we share these plains? Why won’t we give refugees a fair go?” asked Simon Frew. “Australians are a good people. Australians are a kind people. Australians are a sharing people. We are a people who believe in a fair go for all, and our government should reflect this. If you want change, if you want a fair go for all, then demand change. Contact your MP, contact your Senators, contact your mates. Together, we can demand change.”

The Pirate Party urges like minded Australians to contact their federal MPs and senators by checking their contact details at http://www.australia.gov.au/about-government/contact-government/contact-ministers-members-and-senators. Together, we can make Australia the land of the fair go once again.

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