Joint press release from Pirate Parties around the world

We, the Pirate Parties and NGOs of the Pirate movement around the world, express our solidarity with the Catalan Pirates whose websites about the Referendum of Self Determination campaign and the use of Tor are currently being censored by the Spanish authorities. Additionally, we express our solidarity with all citizens of Catalonia who have been met with violent state repression for exercising their democratic right to vote in the independence referendum.

We denounce all political censorship. The internet censorship by Spanish authorities is an unacceptable violation of human rights and political freedoms, regardless of the legality of the Catalan referendum and the merits of the secessionist cause.

We call upon the European Parliament, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, and all democratic governmental bodies worldwide to intervene in support of democracy and freedom of speech in Catalonia. Human rights violations, such as this clearly blatant disregard of free speech, are never internal affairs of any country but the business of all humanity.

* Pirate Party Australia –
* Pirate Parties International (PPI), Geneva
* Pirate Party Switzerland – –
* Pirate Party Canada –
* Pirate without Borders –
* Pirate Party of the Netherlands –
* Pirate Party of Catalonia –
* Austrian Pirate Party –
* Pirate Party of Tyrol –
* The Czech Pirate Party –
* Pirates of Venezuela –
* Pirate Party Belgium –
* Pirate Lobby –
* Pirate Party of Norway –
* Pirate Party Germany –
* Partido Interdimensional Pirata (Argentina) –
* Partido Pirata (Chile) –
* Pirate Party of Sweden –
* Confederacion Pirata (Spain & Catalonia) –
* Mary Read – Feminist Pirates (Spain & Catalonia)
* Movimiento Pirata (Spain & Catalonia)
* Parti Pirate France –
* Pirate Party of Israel:

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