Pirate Congress 2018 Results

The results of Pirate Party Australia’s July 2018 National Congress are in!

The Pirate Party held its National Congress in Brisbane on July 78. Congresses are the time when members of the party can propose amendments to the Party Constitution, amend and adopt policies, decide leadership positions, and meet andsocialise in person. Congresses conclude with an online voting period to give all members a sayThe results of the now-concluded week-long voting period can now be announced. 

The Party had a turnout of approximately 21% from a pool of 732 participants.

Thank you to everyone who ran for positions and congratulations to those who were elected.

A reminder that election to the National Council is but one of many ways to contribute to the party. We are always looking for people to help on the press team, design team, in policy development, social media, writing submissions, research and so on, or just be an ongoing voice in the party. With an election in prospect, we have a particular opportunity to make a difference and shake things up this year. To get involved, email [email protected].

Constitutional amendments

No Constitutional amendments were presented this year.

Policy motions

The results of the motions relating to policy are as follows:

  • PM-1: Electoral System reform  – carried 94.78% in favour
  • PM-2: Job Guarantee policy – carried 91.60% in favour
  • PM-3: Patent System reform – carried 96.27% in favour
  • PM-4: Marriage Policy update – carried 91.47% in favour

Other motions

  • Financial Report: Accept the annual financial report as presented at congress – carried 99.14% in favour.

National Council elections

The National Council election results are as follows:

  • President: Miles Whiticker
  • Deputy President: John August
  • Secretary: Alex Jago
  • Deputy Secretary: unfilled
  • Treasurer: Mark Gibbons
  • Deputy Treasurer: unfilled
  • Councillor (1): Andrew Downing
  • Councillor (2): Daniel Oakley
  • Councillor (3): unfilled

All positions were uncontested. Members wishing to take part in the leadership of the Party are invited to step up!

Officer elections

Elections for Officer positions are as follows:

  • Dispute Resolution Committee (1)Liam Pomfret
  • Dispute Resolution Committee (2): Bryn Busai
  • Policy Development Officer: unfilled

* Note: the Dispute Resolution Committee consists of three members, elected for two-year terms. These terms are staggered. There were two vacancies this year. Fletcher Boyd was elected last congress and retains his position. 

The DRC positions were effectively uncontested, as two candidates ran for two positions.

Next Congress location

The next National Congress will be held in Adelaide in July 2019.

Raw results

The full breakdown of results can be found on the Party’s voting server, including raw JSON data. These results are also archived on the Party Wiki and on the Internet Archive.

The software used is Oyster, a free and open source voting system.