Calling all creatives: Remix This!


Do you like memes? Do you make memes? We’re proud to announce that tonight we’re launching the Remix This! Meme Mashup Competition.

Watch: at 6pm AEST on Facebook Live with video to be uploaded to YouTube later. Alternatively, read on…

What: Creators have one month to create a 6-30 second video clip that mashes up content from existing sources to create a remix that is relevant to Australian politics or society.

Why: Pirates are all about free access to media, culture, commentary and politics. Let’s prove it. Down with censorship and copyright!

How: The submissions will be judged on the following criteria: length (is it within 6-30 seconds), humour, Australian relevance, and originality (you must make it for this competition, and you should license it as CC-BY-SA).

Where: Upload your unlisted (private) video to Youtube, Vimeo, or your choice of online video platform for our judges to watch. We will be screening for low effort submissions, and reserve the right to reject submissions that are wild departures from our judging criteria.

So? We’re also offering cash prizes of $150 for the winner and $100 for the runner up. If you are an organisation or individual willing to sponsor entrants or offer additional prizes, please get in contact with us via [email protected]

Who: The judges will be comprised of a special 3 person panel to be announced closer to the date. They will be impartial and will comprise a mix of pirates, artists, academics and activists from around Australia. To make a submission, you must be an Australian resident.

When: Submissions will open November 7/11/20 and close on December 5/12/20. We’re not super strict about deadlines, but if you haven’t got it in by the time judging starts it probably won’t win any prizes.

All right! For more information hop onto the FB live broadcast starting 6pm AEST on 18/10/20 at or watch back later via our YouTube or Facebook pages.