Deregistration: down, but not out

Hi Pirates (and friends!),

It is with regret that we announce we have decided to voluntarily deregister with the Australian Electoral Commission as a result of too few formal members. While this is unfortunate, we do believe it will be a temporary setback: read on!

Our party needs 500 members to maintain registration, and our procedures are such that people need to renew their membership yearly. Last year, we had under 300 members, and we on the National Council initiated a phoning campaign — perhaps you’ve had us call you. Some time later, we’ve made it up past 400 members — a positive trend.
Nevertheless, we were unable to get to 500 members by the AEC’s deadline.

So, if you’ve not renewed — please do. Make sure your voter enrolment details are up to date and match our contact details for you, so we can re-register easily.

We’ll continue to try to lift our numbers, but you can do your part too: invite a friend!

We’ve started doing live-streams on a number of topics, and continue to maintain a presence on social media, make submissions and put out press releases. Regardless of our party status, it is something we will continue to do.

At present, there’s a lot more energy around issues of digital rights, privacy, surveillance capitalism, the right to repair, and ethics in foreign policy & our own national governance. The Pirate Party continues to have relevance in today’s world, and we will continue to pursue Pirate Party issues.

Let’s all be a part of that journey!

The National Council
Pirate Party Australia

P.S. National Council currently has two vacancies — Deputy Secretary and Deputy Treasurer…