Pirate Party Australia announces its intention to join Pirate Parties International

On Thursday, February 2, 2023, a combined meeting of the National Council and the Foreign and International Relations Committee formally moved a motion of support for Pirate Party Australia to seek ordinary membership of Pirate Parties International. The motion was passed unanimous approval of all present, and followed a two year review process by delegates of Pirate Party Australia into the operations and activities of Pirate Parties International (PPI).

National President Miles Whiticker provided the following report:

“At the PPI General Assembly on Saturday, January 28, our delegation was sponsored to address the Assembly by the Pirate Party of Israel. On behalf of the Australian Pirates, I gave an address indicating the success of our electoral coalition, Fusion, as well as the regret we felt at being the last Pirate Party in the Asia-Pacific region actively contesting elections. We have a duty to represent the region among the international movement and can operate to support so-called ‘lone pirates’ across the Asia-Pacific without a local party of their own to join.”

The decision for whether Pirate Party Australia will formally apply for membership to Pirate Parties International will go before its National Congress in July 2023 for a vote of all members.