The Pirate Party’s 2016 Federal Election pre-selection meeting will take place this Sunday May 1st at 4pm AEST in IRC.


Due to a number of factors, the National Council has voted to extend the pre-selection nomination period for Party members to nominate as candidates until Sunday May 1st at 4pm AEST.

If you would like to nominate as a candidate, check what is required of candidates below and email [email protected] before the above date and time:

We need at least two Senate candidates per State we wish to run in and we currently have some states with no nominations, and only one nominee for NSW.

Pre-selection Meeting

Please come along and question candidates and help us decide who will best represent the Pirate Party in the upcoming election. Voting will commence after the meeting, all full members are eligible to vote to preselect candidates for their state. Your voting ballot will be sent to you via email.

If you’d like to ask questions of potential candidates in the lead-up to the meeting please go to the thread below on our discussion board:

The meeting will be at 4pm AEST in IRC, there are instructions on our website to get you connected here:

Finally we would like to thank everyone who donated to and shared our membership database system crowdfunding campaign, we have reached our target and are now running full steam ahead with preparations for the election!

The Pirate Party has been working for some time to co-develop and fund a new, all-in-one member management system that will make running a small political party or volunteer organisation in Australia far easier.

Our aim has been to develop software which will eliminate a significant part of the burden of administration and red tape for small parties and community groups, so that our volunteers can focus on more important things. We also wanted to make membership communication simple for such organistions, and to make membership itself safe and private.

And thanks to you, it’s happening.

“We offer our heartfelt thanks to our generous members and backers from other groups and parties who joined together to fund this project,” said Simon Frew, Pirate Party President. “Thanks must also to our former president Brendan Molloy, who spearheaded this project, and ThoughtWorks, which dedicated hundreds of hours of their time. They have put in a huge effort to change the game for the community sector.

“With three years between elections, small parties need to look for effective ways to make a difference,” said Mr Frew. “And our members and supporters have done just that.”

More details on the project are available here:

For several months now, the Pirate Party has been working with ThoughtWorks to develop a digital tool that could change the game for small political parties and community groups in Australia.

“It is hard to run a community group or a political party in this country”, said Thomas Randle, Councillor for Pirate Party Australia. “Anyone in the community group space will know how punishing the red tape has become, and how many different pieces of software are needed to protect membership lists and deal with the administration”.

Not any more though: the Pirate Party intends to launch a new, specialised membership management tool customised for the needs of Australia’s struggling small parties and community groups. This new software not only protects membership data to the highest standard, it also allows a party to easily meet AEC audit requirements. It contains tailored software designed to simplify administration and financial management. It also has mechanisms to manage member communication. It is an all-in-one party management tool which replaces a whole mass of disconnected software programs and also adds a range of new functions which parties and groups need. This powerful software should free up significant resources and time so that community groups and small parties can focus on their important work.

“The best news is, this software will be totally free”, said Mr Randle. “In line with the Pirate Party’s ethos, we are sharing this product as open source freeware, and encouraging anyone interested to get involved in improving and updating it”.

The Pirate Party has started a fundraising drive to help us meet the costs of bringing this project to completion. We are appealing to anyone who wants to make a difference to chip in and help to make this happen.

“A donation to this project won’t be consumed and used up—our goal here is to permanently lift the tide under every community group and small party in Australia”, he noted.

To help and for more information, please check out the campaign page here:

The Pirate Party is distancing itself from the ‘Alliance for Progress’. The Alliance, an informal group consisting of a number of progressive minor parties, was formed to promote collaboration on common interests and the negotiation of preference arrangements between its members. While these were commendable goals, and the Pirate Party values the cooperative ties that were established with other like minded parties, the Party wishes to distance itself in particular from any activities where Alliance for Progress members may be associating with the so-called ‘Minor Party Alliance’ and their ‘preference whisperer’.

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With the success of previous strategy meetings, we have decided to call an open Strategy meeting to discuss the urgent topics of defeating the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) and the first piracy website blocking cases.

This meeting will be held on Tuesday 23 February 2016 at 8:30pm (AEDT) in the #ppau IRC channel, which can be accessed here:

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