Please order your preferences how you would like the Pirate Party's group voting ticket (the ordering for prefencing for those who vote above the line for the Pirate Party) to be ordered.

You have a few choices on how you can order your preferences:

  • Drag and drop (except on tablets): drag any selection anywhere in the list to place it.
  • Touch/click positioning: click/touch the selection you want to move and click the position you want to drop it in.
  • Move to top: press one of the arrow buttons on a selection to move them to the top.

Locking a selection allows you to mark which selections you have already ordered, and will cause pressing the up button on any other selection to place that party below your last locked selection.

Voting is optional. Please research before you submit.

Please also note that the ballot was not in alphabetical order when provided to members; order was partially predetermined by the Election Committee.