Secret negotiations threaten our civil liberties, and further the imbalance of copyright. The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement negotiations continue in Seoul,[1] Korea with a complete disregard for any form of real transparency. The deceptively named trade negotiations have now switched their focus to copyright infringement in the digital arena. Negotiations are being held behind closed doors and are being kept secret. There is no oversight from regular citizens, and anyone allowed to see any of the documents has to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Luckily, leaks are being reported, and if these reports are correct, they seem to indicate the worst case scenario.

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The National Council has now formed, and the following persons have been elected to the following positions:

  • David Crafti – President
  • David Gaetjens – Deputy President
  • Peter Barber – Secretary
  • Michael Nadler – Deputy Secretary
  • Jarryd Lassen – Treasurer
  • Paul Templeton – Deputy Treasurer
  • Rodney Serkowski – Party Agent

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Voting has begun for the Pirate Party Australia elections – the ballot has been sent to the email address you have registered your preliminary membership with, and the instructions are quite easy to follow.

A condition of voting is agreeing to the Proposed Constitution 2.1

Good luck to the candidates.