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Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) has a vital interest in ensuring all children, irrespective of the school they attend, receive the best possible education.

Independent schools in Queensland educate more than 120,000 students at more than 220 campuses (15% of all school students and 20% of secondary students). You will therefore appreciate the contribution made by independent schools to the provision of school education in this State.

Further information about independent schools in each electorate can be found on the federal electorate reports page on our website.

In the context of the 2019 Federal Election, ISQ is calling on the next Australian Government to support school education policy settings that ensure long-term stability and certainty in non-government school funding and enhance, not constrain, quality teaching and local school innovation.

ISQ has released a Federal Election Statement calling on the nation’s major political parties to commit to five policy pillars to underpin a strong and diverse schooling system that supports parent choice:

stable and fair recurrent funding
regional and remote education stimulus
support for students with special needs
capital support to underpin parental investment in independent schools
support for school improvement and high-quality student outcomes
I trust that you will consider these requests. Independent Schools Queensland will be pleased to work with the in-coming Government and elected MPs and Senators to ensure outstanding student outcomes for all students.

Yours sincerely

David Robertson
Executive Director

Authorised by D. Robertson, Executive Director, Independent Schools Queensland,
96 Warren Street, Spring Hill, Queensland 4000.


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