Foreign and International Relations Team/Terms of Reference

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Official Party Document
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The Foreign and International Relations Team is established to make recommendations to the National Council relating to international and foreign organisations of a similar nature to Pirate Party Australia, and to liase with those organisations if and when authorised to do so by the National Council.


  1. The Team is coordinated by the Foreign and International Relations Officer.
  2. The Foreign International Relations Officer is appointed by the National Council.


  1. Membership is open to all members of Pirate Party Australia.
  2. Applications for membership must be made via email to the National Council ([email protected]).

Objectives and responsibilities

  1. The Team must not communicate with international and foreign organisations without the prior approval of the National Council.
  2. The National Council may grant the Team approval on a case-by-case basis or in broad terms.
  3. The Team is responsible for
    1. communicating with international and foreign organisations as approved and appropriate, and
    2. sharing information between Pirate Party Australia and international and foreign organisations, and
    3. researching improvements in relevant problem areas and reporting its findings to the National Council, and
    4. providing assistance to international or foreign organisations within or relevant to the Pirate Movement that wish to adopt Pirate Party Australia's procedures and technologies, and
    5. identifying, and resolving where possible, problems in international communication.
  4. The Foreign and International Relations Officer must provide reports to the National Council on request.

Budgetary requirements

The Team is not expected to incur any expenses of its own, but may request funds from the National Council if required.

Tools and procedures for communication

  1. The Team may determine its own communication procedures.
  2. The Team should endeavour to remain accessible to other organisations.

Decision-making procedure

Decision-making should be democratic, and decisions should be made through consensus where possible.

Expected duration

The Team is expected to last indefinitely.