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Project Name: Voting System

A small system to provide an online interface, audit trail and control of voting for party motions and changes.

This page is the central index for Voting System documents and related links.

Goal: "Online Voting for Pirate Party Issues"

In this day and age with the technology available many functions previously performed in a standard office can now be performed more congruently online. Computer systems replace paper systems with better control of information, increased security, formalisation and control of an audit trail for the data abd the system itself. Online systems of this nature are relatively cheap to create and maintain and provide the basis for future enhancements in our expanding digital world.


  • AndrewD (Technology Lead): Writing requirements, system architecture and design, scope, strategic and tactical visionary
  • Brendan: Just pokes his nose in wherever he likes really. Primary end user.
  • Mozart: Consulting, test gimp.
  • Rundll: Programming, web dev, basic graphics, workflows, interfaces, prototyping, Python coding
  • Pyro: Random general advice and help, existing system documentation, technical advisor, plugging of holes and filling of cracks

Documents and Other Useful Links

Voting System

Snake Eyes Voting System


  • Document existing system (PHP / MySQL / JavaScript / CSS with Clipperz and MochiKit)
  • Define requirements for broken, missing and required functions
  • Code new system to replace current system
    • Name new system
    • Determine technology and architecture for new system
    • Document requirements for new system
    • Document new system install, deploy and configure
    • Document new system help and other required system support information
    • Code new system
    • Test new system
    • Deploy new system


Managed by the Programming Working Group.