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Last updated 07/08/12

Version 2.0

Approved at 08/08/12 NC Meeting

Information collected by
We use Google Analytics for the purpose of obtaining generalised information about the demographics of visitors. Visitors can not be personally identified and collected data is only used in aggregate to determine viewer interest and usage of resources.

If you wish to not be tracked by Google Analytics while using our website, please consider installing extensions for your browser such as Ghostery or noscript, or disabling JavaScript in your browser.

Cookies are used to keep track of your session if you create an account on the wiki or comment on an article. They are not used to collect any other information, such as browsing habits. If you are concerned this, most modern browsers offer privacy features which allow the selective removal of cookies.

Pirate Party Australia will not sell or otherwise share any information collected with any third parties. We are committed to your privacy.

Information collected by or application forms
Pirate Party Australia will not sell or otherwise share any information collected for the purposes of membership registration with any party other than the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) as required by the Electoral Act for the purposes of registering a political party.

The Party Secretary currently maintains the membership list as per the Constitution, and is the only person with access to the personal information of Pirate Party Australia's members that is collected during the membership application process.

The Party Secretary may divulge names and telephone numbers to other trusted members for the purposes of verifying membership when other reasonable attempts to contact members have been unsuccessful.

Information collected by
The Announcement mailing lists are used by the Pirate Party Australia National, State and Territory Councils to communicate directly with members with news of upcoming events, party activities and any messages from the President or Secretary.

The Discussion mailing lists are used for informal discussion amongst subscribers on any topics related to the agenda of Pirate Party Australia.

When subscribing to a mailing list, your e-mail address is collected for the purpose of operating and administering the respective list, as well as a nominated password which is used to authenticate and enable you to self-manage your list subscriptions.