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The Policy Development Committee is a body created by the National Council for the purposes of researching, writing, reviewing and maintaining party policies.

Getting involved

The Policy Development Committee (PDC) draws members from across the party. The Committee itself does not directly develop policies: it creates and coordinates working groups on a variety of topics. From time to time a working group may defer to the Committee for direction or other assistance, and the Committee is ultimately responsible for presenting completed policies for consideration by Party Members.

The Committee regularly announces the creation of working groups, and all members are encouraged to get involved.

Contacting the Policy Development Committee

If you would like to have your say on policy development we want to hear from you! Please send an email to: [email protected]

Also if you want to contact any of the PDC working groups and you can't find an email address elsewhere then please feel free to send email to the address above and the appropriate person will reply to you.

What Is Happening Right Now

Working groups are created to develop policies. We strongly encourage you to get in touch with the chair of any group if you have an informed opinion on any of these matters or would like to help in any way. If you are unsure how to get in touch with someone then please feel free to just send an email to [email protected] describing what you need as all committee members receive the emails sent to that address.

Policy working groups

Working group Chair Next meeting Brief Deadline Status
Cultural Policy Working Group Sunny Kalsi 08-Jan-2015 To stimulate cultural growth and promote the sharing of culture through proactive rather than reactive measures. Specifically also includes Library Development Policy and ABC Funding policy Nil In Progress.
Distributed Digital Currencies and Economies Working Group Andrew Downing 12-Jan-2015 To determine how governments should appropriately position themselves in order to handle a major market disruption caused by the use of cryptocurrencies. Nil In Progress. Initial drafting in progress
Universal Healthcare Working Group Bill McLean TBA Focus on the development of a universal healthcare policy, with specific consideration of dental and ambulance cover Nil In Progress. Draft Written.
Universal Education Working Group Mark Gibbons TBA Focus on the development of a universal education policy, with specific consideration of the cost of education and accessibility Nil Yet to begin
Universal Childcare Working Group TBA TBA Focus on the development of a universal childcare policy Nil Yet to begin
Sexual Offences Working Group TBA TBA Focus on the development of a revenge pornography policy that considers the introduction of a concept of "permanent publication", a potential sentencing requiring placement on a list for sexual predators, and the ability for police to act upon threatening calls Nil Yet to begin
Startups Working Group Andrew Downing TBA Focus on investigating policies to advance the opportunities for small to medium startup businesses in Australia to enhance the digital economy Nil Yet to Begin
Agriculture and Food Working Group Laura Killian TBA Develop a policy addressing key issues of the Australian agriculture and food system. Nil Under discussion
Constitutional Reform Working Group Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer Nil Examine potential reforms of the Australian Constitution, including recognition of Indigenous Australians as recommended by the Expert Panel Congress, July 2014 Proposed
Energy Working Group Mark Gibbons Nil Work on updating the energy policy Congress, July 2014 Proposed
Privacy Tort Working Group David Crafti Nil Focus on the development of a policy regarding a tort for privacy violations Congress, July 2014 Proposed


PDC Meetings are currently held every second Tuesday night at 8:30 pm (Sydney time) via IRC at irc.pirateirc.net in the #ppau-pdc channel. Feel free to drop into the channel at any time to chat about policy development. During meetings the channel may be moderated to keep the meeting running smoothly but everyone is welcome to observe. Consult the calendar for upcoming meetings, and if you need assistance please contact [email protected].

Meeting Minutes

Terms Of Reference

The PDC was created and is governed by the Terms of Reference set by the National Council.

Policy Development Process

The PDC follows a structured policy development process which ensures a uniform approach and allows all members to provide input.

Policy Working Groups

When the PDC decides that a certain policy needs to be written, a working group is formed by a motion at a PDC Meeting. The working group will have a chair person who is a member of the PDC and who is responsible for organising the working group and bringing the results back to the PDC. Participation in a working group is open to all members and we really need your help so please don't be shy! If you'd like to have input on a policy then by all means contact the chair of the working group. If in doubt you can always send email to [email protected] and we will make sure the right person contacts you.

Completed Policies


The PDC has a Resources Wiki Page that contains links to useful information related to policy development.