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The Party is governed at a federal level by the National Council, which sets direction and makes decisions relating to the Party’s day-to-day operation.

The National Council consists of nine members directly elected by the membership of the Party each year at our Annual National Congress.

Members of the National Council

As laid out in the Party Constitution, the National Council is made up of the following:

  • President
  • Deputy President
  • Secretary
  • Deputy Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Deputy Treasurer
  • Councillor (1)
  • Councillor (2)
  • Registered Officer

Powers and Responsibilities

The National Council is the overarching governing body of the Party, and as such has the ability to override or change certain decisions made by a subordinate organisation within the Party, with the exception of decisions made by the Dispute Resolution Committee.

The National Council is responsible for delegating responsibility of Party business (such as the formulation of policy, organisation of fund raising, etc) to subordinate teams, work groups and committees. These groups and positions can be created by the National Council at any time as the National Council sees fit.

A major responsibility of the National Council is to organise the Annual National Congress. This meeting must begin in July each year and serves the purposes of an Annual General Meeting.

Current Members

The list of members currently serving on the National Council can be found in Party_Structure#Directory.