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Official Party Document
The veracity of this document is ensured by the National Council and editing of this page is limited to members of the National Council.

Separation of powers

The Party's Constitution divides governance of the Party between the members, the National Council, subordinate groups created by the National Council, and the Dispute Resolution Committee. The members are responsible for determining policies, amending the Party Constitution and electing Party officials. The National Council and subordinate groups make decisions relating to the daily affairs of the Party. The Dispute Resolution Committee is the last resort for resolving internal disputes and interpreting the Party Constitution.


The members of Pirate Party Australia ultimately determine the direction of the Party. Pirate Party Australia has four levels of membership, established by the Party Constitution and By-law 2015-01.

Full Members

Full members are entitled to be elected to all formal positions, stand as candidates, submit policy and constitutional amendment proposals, participate in policy and issue discussion and debate, join working groups and committees, and vote at meetings, National Congresses and policy formulation, development and adoption proceedings.

Permanent Resident membership

  1. Permanent resident members are entitled to all privileges of a full member, except they are unable to exercise any privileges which cannot be granted due to restrictions imposed by federal, state or territory legislation.
  2. A permanent resident member must provide evidence of their permanent residency status to be eligible for this membership type.

Supporter membership

  1. Supporter members are entitled to the same privileges as full members, except they
    1. are ineligible for National Council and Dispute Resolution Committee positions, and
    2. may not lead any committee, and
    3. do not have voting rights, but have the ability to motion through the sponsorship of a full or permanent resident member, and
    4. are not eligible to stand as a candidate in any election the Party contests, and
    5. are unable to exercise any privileges which cannot be granted due to restrictions imposed by federal, state or territory legislation
  2. Supporter members are exempt from Article 4.1(1)(c) of the Party Constitution.
  3. All current associate members will be hereby considered supporter members.

International membership

  1. For all purposes, an international member is considered to be a supporter member, except they
    1. must reside at a non-Australian address, and
    2. are exempt from the requirements of Article 2.1(5) of the Party Constitution.

National Council

The Party is governed at a federal level by the National Council that makes decisions relating to the party's day-to-day operation. The National Council is responsible for organising the National Congress, funding campaigns, providing resources, making sure the Party complies with electoral laws and so on. The National Council consists of nine members which are directly elected at the National Congress by all eligible members: President, Secretary, Treasurer (and their three deputies), Registered Officer and two Councillors.

Dispute Resolution Committee

The Dispute Resolution Committee has two main functions: arbitrating serious disputes between members, and making rulings on how the Party Constitution is to be interpreted. The Dispute Resolution Committee may only become involved in a dispute if the members have been unable to resolve the dispute between themselves and appeals to the Deputy President have not resolved the dispute either. Although the Dispute Resolution Committee has very limited powers, the National Council must abide by its decisions, as must all subordinate party bodies, and the members themselves.

State and Territory Coordinators

State and Territory Coordinators are appointed by the National Council. Coordinators are a conduit between the National Council and the members of a state or territory, and have duties including organising monthly state or territory meetings, attending general meetings and National Council meetings online, and ultimately leading their state or territory towards becoming a formal, registered branch of Pirate Party Australia.

State and Territory Branches

Some states and territories will eventually evolve from having informal local gatherings to being able to form a registered branch. These are founded on a constitution of their own, but remain subordinate to the federal party, the National Council and the Dispute Resolution Committee. A branch will have its own State or Territory Council, which will take over the responsibility of the former State or Territory Coordinator.

Policy Development Officer

The Policy Development Officer leads the Policy Development Committee in preparing policy proposal for vote at a National Congress or similar meeting. The position is elected by the members at a National Congress, and answers directly to the National Council.

Other Officers

Other officers are appointed as necessary by the National Council.


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Councillor (1) Dave Kennedy Email Dave
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Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) Email DRC
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State/Territory Coordinators
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