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Photo of Fletcher Boyd

Fletcher Boyd

“This year, Western Australia can take a stand. This election offers our state the opportunity to say ‘no’ to the human rights violations being committed in our name. To say ‘no’ to reactionary legislation designed to placate, and not to solve. To vote instead for policies based on scientific evidence, dedication to transparency, and protection of human rights.”

Fletcher lives in Carlisle and works as a software engineer. He has spent several years in the technology industry as a business owner and hosting consultant, as well as pushing for intellectual property reform and equality within the wider Australian community. Growing up in Margaret River, Fletcher is keenly aware that bringing metropolitan-grade services to regional Australia is vital to a nation of equal opportunities.

With a keen interest in protecting your rights online, improving educational outcomes for WA’s students and fighting for evidence-based policy in Parliament, Fletcher is committed to representing you in the Senate, fighting for human rights and a modern Australia.

Photo of Michelle Allen

Michelle Allen

“This election is an opportunity to show the major parties we are unhappy with the direction our nation is moving. Pirate Party Australia can offer those uninspired by the traditional political duopoly actual change. We know how to use the internet, we understand how technology works and will fight to ensure transparency in government, because our democracy is founded on the principle of an informed citizenry.”

Michelle is a software development manager living in Carlisle. She has a long history of advocating for equality, human rights and copyright reform in Australia. Michelle believes all Australians should be treated equally, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, social status or belief, and has campaigned to ensure that everyone in Australia is given a fair go.

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