Becoming Fusion

Have you had an email, call or SMS from the Pirate Party telling you about Fusion, the new party which we’ve become a part of? Want some more information on what that means for the Pirate Party and our policies? To give you a quick overview, we’ve put together the information on this page. Fusion, of course, has its own website:

If you’ve got more questions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] or jump on the forum, IRC or Discord to be part of the conversations.

Five experienced political parties, each with deep special interests, are fusing to form something more powerful than the sum of our parts. A party determined to secure a safe climate and environment, a humanist society, and free culture – held together by science.

This fusion was initially driven by the ‘Party Integrity Bill’ introduced by LNP and supported by ALP and One Nation, that required minor parties to re-register with three times as many members. The Bill has turned out to be serendipitous – a catalyst for four distinct specialisations to merge and for Fusion to have a deep but far reaching policy platform.
We’re fighting back — small parties are under attack, so we’re becoming a larger party — broadening our membership base, geographical reach, and policy scope.

We are becoming part of:

Fusion Party logo

A merger of the Science Party, Pirate Party, Secular Party, and Vote Planet.
Fighting the dystopia, corruption, and economic inequity of today’s politics, we bring our specialist focuses of the
climate emergency, unlocking the future, free culture, and secular humanism to the fore.

Solarpunks, farmers, rationalists, doctors, climate warriors, artists, makers, teachers, activists, ethical hackers, community workers,
culture jammers, extinction rebels, and public servants – all have combined to create a new light in the Australian political arena.

Fighting dystopia.

Fusing for a brighter future.

Fusion will create a bright future for all Australians.



While Pirate Party is merging to make up part of Fusion, our existing platform will remain the primary policy for the Pirate Party Branch of the new party. Below is a summary of where the policies of each merging party overlaps and where we gain strength by being part of this alliance.

Civil and Digital Liberty

  • Restore the public domain
  • Intellectual property reform
  • Oppose rent-seeking and parasitic monopolism
  • Privacy and digital rights

Ethical Governance

  • Anti-corruption body
  • Compassionate welfare
  • Whistleblower protection
  • Simpler & fairer economics
  • Transparent government
  • Campaign finance reform

Climate Emergency

  • Declare and mobilise against climate emergency
  • 10 year transition to negative emissions
  • Price on carbon
  • Lead internationally to restore a safe climate
  • 800% renewables

Education For Life

  • Teaching for modern life
  • Needs based funding & Gonski reforms
  • Universities for education, not profit

Accessible Society

  • Housing as a home
  • Equitable justice for all
  • Universal public health
  • Access to childcare

Individual Freedoms

  • Constitutional bill of rights
  • Freedom of speech
  • Voluntary euthanasia
  • Marriage equality
  • Guarantee to privacy

Future Focused

  • Industries for space and jobs of the future
  • Research fusion and clean energy
  • Connect Australia with high-speed rail
  • Search for a cure for ageing
  • Protect the planet for future generations

Ecological Restoration

  • End native logging
  • Incentivise regenerative agriculture and biodiversity
  • Manage watersheds and rehydrate Australia
  • Cease fossil fuel extraction

Secular Humanism

  • Separation of church and state
  • End chaplaincy program in schools
  • Remove charity status of promotion of religion

Fair Foreign Policy

  • Responsible global citizenship
  • Sovereign rights over trade agreements
  • Defence focused armament
  • Focused immigration & asylum
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