National Council

Our Party is governed at a federal level by the National Council, which sets direction and makes decisions relating to the Party’s day-to-day operation.
The National Council consists of nine members directly elected by the membership of the Party each year at our National Congress.
Photo of Emily Sievers

Emily Sievers


Emily joined Pirate Party Australia in 2015 and served on the National Council for a year before being elected President. Her background covers everything from arts to tertiary education and she currently works in IT. Her main political interests include freedom of speech, humanitarian issues, and universal basic income.

When she’s not being a Pirate or at work, she’s usually watching Doctor Who, doing improvised comedy, or Adding to her llama collection.

Photo of John Jeffery

John Jeffery

Deputy President

John is a professional engineer with experience in small business, farming, and engineering. His hobbies include cycling and sailing.

Photo of Tom Randle

Tom Randle


Tom is a programmer with experience in event production, branding and marketing and project management. He was the lead Tasmanian Senate Candidate at the 2013 federal election and has helped organise and presented at privacy and internet community events.

As Secretary he intends to use his role to help grow the Party, improve participation by the membership and ensure the public at large know about the Party’s principles, policy and world view. His other contributions to the Party have included as a State Coordinator and Campaigns Officer.

Peter Lawler

Peter Lawler

Deputy Secretary

Peter is a computing engineer with experience in regulated industries in Australia and across Europe.

He has been associated with the Tasmanian Open Source community for over a decade and maintains a keen interest in media production. Peter advises a number of Australia’s leading writers, journalists, policy analysts and jurists on technology matters.

More recently, he has taken up making alcohol and hopes to release his first commercial product in 2018.

Photo of Mark Gibbons

Mark Gibbons


Mark lives in Canberra and works as an economist. He ran as a Pirate candidate in the ACT elections in 2012—the first election which the Party contested. Following this, he served as head of Policy Development Committee, then as Deputy Treasurer, and finally as Treasurer since 2015.

Mark was a long-time IP sceptic who spent years watching copyright lobbyists trying to sabotage digital rights through treaties like SOPA and PIPA. He joined the Party after seeing how effective digital rights campaigns can be.

Photo of Simon Frew

Simon Frew

Deputy Treasurer

Simon is a musician and activist who has been involved in politics for eighteen years. He was one of the founding members of the Party and has served on the National Council for the last five years. In that time Simon has worked to stop the government’s Internet filter, to protect civil liberties from the encroachment of the state, and worked to try to thwart the IP chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

He is in the science fiction inspired psychedelic electronic band Alien Space Candy, and plays a range of instruments including the accordion and bass guitar.

Photo of Alex Jago

Alex Jago

Registered Officer

Alex is finishing up an electrical engineering degree. His other passions include choral singing, transport planning, and psephology. He joined the party in 2014 for its digital literacy and commitment to evidence-based policy.

As Registered Officer, Alex is the point of contact with the Australian Electoral Commission. He is also working to grow the party at a grass-roots level in his native Brisbane.

Photo of John August

John August


John does computer support work in retail and shareholder communication. He is passionate about justice and ethics in our world, particularly as it plays out in law generally and intellectual property in particular. He has stood on behalf of the Pirate Party in the Federal seat of Bennelong and also as a Councillor for Ryde City Council.

Along with technology and law John is also interested in spoken word and poetry. He broadcasts on community radio and hosts the program “Roving Spotlight” on Tuesdays from noon-2pm on Radio Skid Row Marrickville Sydney, and writes about his ideas on the website

Photo of Miles Whiticker

Miles Whiticker


Miles Whiticker is an activist, organiser, unionist and street journalist from Brisbane. He has been part of the activist scene in Queensland and a Pirate for nearly 10 years, supporting science and evidence based causes with a preference for community engagement and volunteering.

Miles has assisted the party at the Griffith by-election 2014, the Federal election 2016, and has contributed time towards developing press releases, recruiting and raising awareness of the party platform through social media.