National Council

Our Party is governed at a federal level by the National Council, which sets direction and makes decisions relating to the Party’s day-to-day operation.
The National Council consists of nine members directly elected by the membership of the Party each year at our National Congress.

Simon Frew


Simon is a musician and activist who has been involved in politics for eighteen years. He was one of the founding members of the Party and has served on the National Council for the last five years. In that time Simon has worked to stop the government’s Internet filter, to protect civil liberties from the encroachment of the state, and worked to try to thwart the IP chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

He is in the science fiction inspired psychedelic electronic band Alien Space Candy, and plays a range of instruments including the accordion and bass guitar.


Michael Keating

Deputy President

Michael lives north of Brisbane, QLD. He has worked in the Information Technology field in Australia for a decade at different levels. He joined the party in 2014 to contribute to concerns about digital and civil liberties, as well as the decline in QLD state and federal politics.

He assisted as Queensland Coordinator before being elected to the National council. Outside of IT and Pirate Party life, Michael has represented QLD as an Indoor Netball umpire and has a keen interest in sport and professional development.


Fletcher Boyd


Fletcher is a Perth Software Engineer and student who has been working in various technology-based industries for the past 5 years. He has held several positions within the party including State Coordinator and Senate Candidate.

He originally joined the party after the future of the NBN darkened and has since spent his time campaigning for disability rights and ease of access to information.


Tom Randle

Deputy Secretary

Tom is a Hobart based programmer with experience in event production, branding and marketing and project management. He was the lead Tasmanian Senate Candidate at the 2013 federal election and has helped organise and presented at Cryptoparty and privacy events.

As Deputy Secretary he intends to use his role to help grow the Party, improve participation by the membership and ensure the public at large know about the Party’s principles, policy and world view. His other contributions to the Party have included as a State Coordinator and Campaigns Officer.


Mark Gibbons


Mark lives in Canberra and works as an economist. He ran as a Pirate candidate in the ACT elections in 2012—the first election which the Party contested. Following this, he served as head of Policy Development Committee, then as Deputy Treasurer, and finally as Treasurer since 2015.

Mark was a long-time IP sceptic who spent years watching copyright lobbyists trying to sabotage digital rights through treaties like SOPA and PIPA. He joined the Party after seeing how effective digital rights campaigns can be.


Peter Fulton

Deputy Treasurer

Peter is a Sydney based Computer Technician. Having traditionally been a Labor voter (but not a member), he decided to sought out an alternative party after Senator Conroy announced the mandatory internet filter that would invade on the privacy of one’s internet activity preferences and force citizens to accept a closed-sourced and notoriously-vague censor, and subsequently found and joined the “Pirate Party” in late 2009. Other areas of concern he holds interest in are NBN, social and corporate equality, feminism, whistleblower protection, environmental protection, copyright and freedom of information.

Outside the realms of IT and politics, Peter is actively involved with his Karate club, gaming, and medieval re-enactment.


David Crafti

Registered Officer

David has been active in the Party since its formation in 2009, having held several positions during that time. Professionally, he has worked in software development for over a decade, most recently as the CTO of a real-estate-focussed start-up. He has supplemented his Bachelor of Software Engineering with a Master of Laws in order to understand politics from a legalistic point of view, and because he wanted to tag along while his wife studied law.

He wants to ensure that the world he leaves behind for his daughter is not one out of a Terry Gilliam movie or a George Orwell novel.


Emily Sievers


Emily joined the Pirate Party in 2015 and has been on the National Council for a few months. She is particularly interested in the ethical and practical effects of technology on law and society. Her main aims as a Pirate is to increase member participation and to facilitate discussion.

She has worked in a number of fields including higher education, research, museums, IT, engineering, robotics, and administration. When she is at home she is usually either posting about politics on the internet or adding to her llama collection.


Andrew Downing


Andrew Downing lives in Sydney, New South Wales, with his wife and two teenagers. Andrew has worked as a professional software engineer for over three decades.

The day that Senator Conroy announced his intention to censor the internet, Andrew knew he had to get involved with politics. The world was spinning the wrong way.
After considerable research, the only Australian political party that made any sense was Pirate Party Australia, and so, a little over 5 years ago, he joined.
Since then, Andrew has spent over 4 years working on policy development for the party, two of those as Policy Development Officer, helped in two federal elections, and in the background has been working to understand the nuances of future participatory democratic platforms.