Our vision

The Pirate movement exists not just to keep the bastards honest, and not just to take their seats in parliaments across our nation, we exist to take power from the establishment and hand it back to the people. We are a global movement of like-minded people that want governments we can trust and that are accountable and transparent. If that’s too much to ask from the current political class, if ideals such as honesty in public office, transparency in government are too hard. Then they have to go and we’ll be sending them their marching orders at the ballot box.

If we were to rewind the clock 50 years, the way our parliament and democracy operates is almost the same, very little has actually changed. But the pace we received information and news in current times has laid bare for all to see the inability of our political system to resolve policy problems and reform laws, the dysfunction is now obvious.

We need a new political movement with the principles, vision, and ideas to lead our nation toward a better future. Here’s our policy vision for Australia, developed entirely by our members and without the corrupt corporate influence afflicting some major parties, judge us for yourself:

Policy and platform