Our vision

Our movement occupies a unique place in politics, providing leadership in the issues of today which you won’t find in other political parties – digital activism, human rights, economic responsibility and transparency of government. Small government, support for the disadvantaged, social programs and inclusion for the diversity of modern society are at our centre.

We are champions of equality for all people, our policies cover a very broad array of public policy issues. We are fighting for an honest, accountable and just Australia. We are strongly opposed to corruption in all forms, we use our voice to challenge and propose alternatives to unfair business dealings and political processes.

Our history and legacy in coming from the world’s most active digital political melting pot of its time, our members are part of broader cultural movement that is taking the world into a future where technology is used positively in building a more humane, more just society for all. Acutely aware that technology can be used for purposes other than the good of citizens, we believe that our voice, one that is knowledgeable and experienced in building this future is critically important for Australia now more than ever.

Our key policies

Civil and Digital Liberty

Your rights as an individual and your freedoms should not cease when you turn on a phone or a computer. Information is a great benefit to society but can also be misused. Your body, thoughts, words and actions are yours where you do not break the law.

Citizen Initiatives

Having a voice and being able to demand action is essential to a well functioning democracy. Citizens raising issues and also providing commentary and insight on how they are dealt with to our politicians, combined with increased transparency of our elected officials makes our nation stronger.


A healthy Australia for all, not only the wealthy is a cornerstone of our social and economic vision for Australia. While we support the drive for constant gains in efficiency we also place great importance on the safety and access for all Australians to social healthcare like today’s Medicare and recognise the great progress it has contributed across our entire nation.

Renewables and Carbon Pricing

Australia’s future will be built on its sustainability. We are strongly for renewable energy and recycling. Carbon pricing to appropriately put the true cost of manufacture and import of goods, just like taxing cigarettes is a crucial innovation in supporting a measured, economically responsible national roadmap to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

Marriage Equality

People who love each other and are of legal age are entitled to full recognition by the state and all rights of that union. We make no apologies for this position.

Bill of Rights

The citizens of Australia deserve the highest protection of their freedoms, including freedom from political fads and temporary issues. We believe a Bill of Rights will give Australians this protection from political expediency and short term deal making where our rights are traded as currency for short sighted interests.

Culture and Creative Reform

Australia is regarded globally as one of if not the most skilled nations per capita in digital piracy yet we are not a poor nation. Our laws in regards to how we treat copyright, international agreements and monopolies requires significant overhaul for the 21st century. Creators and artists require stronger support and consumers deserve better service and pricing than where it is literally cheaper to fly Qantas to America to buy software in LA than download it in Sydney.

Education and Innovation

Education in Australia is one of our great strengths and exports of our quality education system contribute significantly to our economy. We support the right of every Australian, independent of economic or cultural circumstances to pursue education to their interest and ability. We believe a stronger public education system is important and while not discounting the value contributed by the private education sector wish to see equality in provision of government resources.


We are fundamentally opposed to the downgrading of the NBN infrastructure and network that has occurred. The future of business and peoples lives is digital and Australia needs the infrastructure as productive and effective as its citizens need it to be. Our vision for the future of Australian data networks is to be amongst the best in the world while taking into account our unique geographic challenges.

Basic Income

Australia is one of the greatest places to live for all. We want to build on that and simplify social welfare and support for all Australians with the introduction of Basic Income – a movement that is spreading across the world to empower the underemployed to create economic safety and space for new types of businesses and innovations both social and economic to be created. We believe this will become one of the defining features of economically as well as socially progressive economies in the 21st century.

Transparency and Accountability

No one is above the law, and Politicians are accountable in both their actions and dealings. Trust is essential for effective Democracy and trust must at times be vigilant. Our politicians in choosing to serve us have accepted a burden of accountability and that has to be backed by their openness and welcoming challenges to what they do with transparency.

Drug Decriminalisation

The Pirate Party supports drug decriminalisation. It reduces drug use, the economic outflow of Australian money to overseas based importers, reduces violence, theft, and property damage, and importantly reduces deaths. Drug addiction is a social problem and should be dealt with appropriately by people who are trained and skilled in dealing with addiction.


Off-shoring detention of refugees is rejected by the Pirate Party as a populist and ineffective policy. While the merits of individual refugees can vary, Australia should be a welcoming and generous nation that recognises that we are more than ever a nation built by refugees and immigrants. We are a proponent of significant and dramatic change in Australia’s refugee detention and processing policies while also respecting the need for border controls and immigrants who are able to follow our immigration processes.