3 thoughts on “Election Committee Meeting

  1. Hello committee l Phillip Dall am very interested to be considered as a Victorian Senate candidate for the up coming election.

    I am not able to be online for your meeting tonight so what do you require me to do for selection as one of your Senate candidates ?

    I am able to talk to any one if required tonight if that helps so my phone number is 044950021 thanks !

  2. To the Pirate Party

    My name is Max Dicks and I would like to be considered for a place on your how to vote cards in this federal election.

    I am running as an independent for Victoria and I hope to get a seat in the Senate. I support all of your main tenants.

    freedom of information and culture
    civil and digital liberties
    privacy and anonymity
    government transparency
    participatory democracy

    I even have my own policies regarding government transparency and participatory democracy which you can see on my website.


    I also, potentially obviously, support personal and online privacy and digital liberties due to the fact that I am interacting with you at all.

    All I ask is for your consideration.

    Don’t be a dick, elect one.


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