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Official Party Document
The veracity of this document is ensured by the National Council and editing of this page is limited to members of the National Council.


This working group shall be considered a template for groups focused on building state and territory branches for Pirate Party Australia around the country. As such, there will be ToRs building upon this ToR that may not contradict but may enhance this ToR.

Summary of Purpose

A Branch Formation Working Group is responsible for the initial administration and recruitment responsibilites required for the formation of a state/territory branch of Pirate Party Australia.

Scope & Responsibilities

A Branch Formation Working Group has the ability to form state committees, working groups and teams that report to coordinators within the Branch Formation Working Group and their national counterparts, with permission from the National Council.


  • Recruit a sufficient number of members in the legislatively required manner to safely and quickly register a state/territory branch;
  • Prepare a draft constitution to be ratified at the first State/Territory Congress of the branch, that has been consented to by the National Council;
  • Provide a social media presence if permission is granted by the National Council;
  • When a state/territory meets 50% or 200 members (whichever is lower) of its membership requirements for registration:
    • the working group may opt, at its discretion, to take these actions in order:
      1. Incorporate the branch under the relevant legislation;
      2. Open a bank account in the name of the incorporated entity;
      3. Host the first State/Territory Congress (the first Annual General Meeting for the purposes of incorporation) to elect the first State/Territory Council of the branch; and
      4. Assist the new Council to come to terms with and understand their legislative requirements.
    • These actions must be taken as soon as possible if the state/territory has reached or exceeded the required numbers to register as a political party in that state/territory.
    • The AGM should happen as soon as feasible, in consideration of the requirements of the Branch Constitution, after the incorporation of the branch.
  • Upon the election of the State/Territory Council, all relevant documents and accounts must be transferred to the nominated receivors as determined by that Council.

For clarity, it is the State/Territory Council that will formally register the political party after the first Congress, not this Working Group, as only the Secretary will be granted the necessary access to the membership database to complete the registration, and the Secretary is required under the legislation to be the provider of such information.


The group will be co-ordinated by the State/Territory Coordinator in consultation with the National Council.


The State Coordinator and National Council have the ability to add or remove members of the Branch Formation Working Group. The State Coordinator and a majority of the National Council must be in agreement in either case.

The working group requires a minimum of three members, including the State/Territory Coordinator. Their duties may be defined as necessary by the National Council or State/Territory Coordinator in order to complete necessary work to swiftly form a state/territory branch. Examples of such positions may be one or more Membership Coordinators or Recruitment Coordinators.

Additional roles may be defined and assigned at the discretion of the State/Territory Coordinator or National Council.


The Working Group reports directly to the National Council on request and at General Meetings. Representation at these meetings is mandatory. In the event that the State/Territory Coordinator cannot attend a meeting another representative from the Working Group should be appointed to present on the Coordinator's behalf or apologies provided in advance.

Budgetary Requirements

Budgetary Requirements are assessed on a case by case basis by the National Council.

Tools and Procedures for Communication

The Branch Formation Working Group will determine their own communication procedures.

Decision Making Procedure

Decision making should be democratic, and decisions made through consensus.

Expected Duration

The working group will automatically be disbanded at the conclusion of the State/Territory Congress where a State/Territory Council is elected.