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What is IRC?

Internet Relay Chat, or IRC, is a form of real-time Internet text chat. It is mainly designed for group communication in discussion forums, called channels, but also allows one-to-one communication via private messaging.

We use IRC for some meetings, general discussion and party communication because it's widely supported and client software is available for virtually all platforms. A comparison of IRC clients can be found here. If you do not have an IRC client, you can connect online here.

Connecting to the Network

If you are using the web IRC client, ignore this section as you will automatically be connected to the right server.

The Pirate Party Australia IRC channels are hosted on the global PirateIRC network. This is linked to our Australian domain and also to the official Swedish Pirate Party network, Piratpartiet (when their network is stable).

Our server is located at, the port numbers are: 6667 (clear) and 6697 (SSL)

To join the official channel from your IRC client:


/join #ppau

You can also connect to the server at and If at any time you are having trouble connecting with the server then join these ones, the channels are linked so you won't miss anything.

Our Channels

To join any channel, type /join #channel or click a link to open a new web IRC window.

Many people leave their clients connected indefinitely to these channels, and will respond to questions eventually, so please understand that responses to questions may not be immediate. The channels are not monitored 24/7.

Usage of IRC is moderated by the IRC Code of Conduct.

List Description
#ppau Main channel - reserved for general public meetings and serious discussion pertaining to general matters of Party operation and policy.
#ppausocial Social channel - offtopic discussion. Reminder that users must abide by the Code of Conduct at all times.
#ppau-nc National Council channel - reserved for National Council meetings. Members are welcome to sit in and listen, but please email the secretary beforehand if there is an item you wish to place on the agenda.
#ppau-pdc Policy Development Committee channel - general policy discussion and PDC meetings.
#ppau-socmed Social Media channel - Twitter mentions get piped here.
#globalPirates Talk to Pirates from across the world! (Not a PPAU channel.)
#ppau-act Pirate Party Australian Capital Territory channel.
#ppau-nsw Pirate Party New South Wales channel.
#ppau-qld Pirate Party Queensland channel.
#ppau-sa Pirate Party South Australia channel.
#ppau-vic Pirate Party Victoria channel.
#ppau-wa Pirate Party Western Australia channel.

All channels listed in the table above are also bridged to the PPAU Discord.

Common Commands

Command Description
/nick nickname Changes your nickname
/join channel Joins the specific channel. If it does not already exist, it will be created
/msg nickname message Sends a personal message (PM) to somebody on the network - this will typically start a separate private chat window with the other user
/ignore nickname Ignores the user, and stops them from being able to write you messages. However, the user can still see your messages.
/away Sets your status to away, to notify other users you are not available
/part Leaves the current channel
/me action Shows you performing an action, for example /me dances will be shown as ***Username dances
/whois nickname Shows a little more information on the user, such as their name and which channels they are in

Registered Users

With IRC you can have a registered nickname, so that no one else on that server can pretend to be you.

To register, submit this, replacing PASSWORD with a password of your choice and EMAIL with a valid email address.

/msg nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL

Once you have responded to the confirmation email you can now log in using:

/msg nickserv identify PASSWORD

User Modes

In a channel, users can have different 'modes', which allows a user to do more interactions to other users and moderate the channel. On this network, the following user modes are available:

Letter Symbol Description
o @ User is a channel operator. Operators can change the channel topic and can kick or ban users who are breaking the Code of Conduct.
v + User is voiced. If the channel is in +m ("moderated") mode, only voiced users and operators can chat. This is sometimes used during meetings when it is important to limit disruptions.