Minutes/National Council/2012-11-27

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Meeting Minutes
This document is a record of a meeting. Do not edit this document without contacting the relevant group first.


  • Accept Meeting Minutes of last meeting
  • Change of NC meeting schedule - Brendan
  • Never ending non answers from DFAT - Brendan
  • Registration Update - Brendan
  • Banking Update (if Rod present)
  • Quorum by-law - Brendan
  • Copyright Review - Mozart
  • FOI Review - Brendan
  • Pharma Review - Brendan
  • Enquiries - Mozart
  • Press Officer - Mozart


  • Brendan Molloy
  • Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer
  • David Campbell
  • Simon Frew
  • Sam Kearns (Minutes)

Start: 20:35 AEST
Finish: 21:17 AEST


Accept Meeting Minutes of last meeting.

Change of NC meeting schedule

  • Brendan wants to move NC meetings to be the evening after General meetings.
  • General agreement from all present

Latest Response from DFAT (Never ending non answers from DFAT)

  • Brendan expresses general frustration with latest response from DFAT to our questions regarding TPP negotiations
  • Brendan suggests that he and Roderick will arrange a meeting in person with DFAT

Registration Update

  • Nothing to report as AEC has not replied to email from Brendan.
  • Brendan will phone them tomorrow.

Banking Update

  • Rod not present, passed over.

Quorum by-law

  • A new By Law regarding quorum requirements is presented by Roderick (via email)
  • General agreement that it looks good and is clear cut
  • Motion carried, see below
  • By law will be known as 2012-01
  • By law should be published prominently on the wiki
  • https://pirateparty.org.au/wiki/By-laws#By-law_2012-01

Copyright Review

  • Work is ongoing with plan to submit this Friday

Freedom of Information Review and Pharma Review

  • FOI Rev due Dec 7
  • Pharma review due January
  • We need more lawyers
  • Need people to look into departmental audit reports (re FOI's)


  • Mozart makes reminder to check RT regularly for new enquiries and suggests we need to increase our turn around time
  • David suggests that we should receive email notification of new enquiries

Press Officer

  • Mozart suggests we find a new person for this role
  • Mozart motions: that the position of Press Officer be advertised as available, and that until someone more skilled than Mozart comes along, Mozart will retain the position.
  • Brendan says no motion is necessary to advertise the position
  • Mozart Action Item: make Press Officer an available position

Other Business

  • Brendan announces that the AGD is sending him the classification database on a USB stick in response to his FOI request


  • Motion: Accept Minutes of 13 November, 2012 NC meeting.
    • 5 ayes.
    • Motion passes.
  • Motion: move meeting to Wednesday night 8pm, after the General Meeting.
    • 5 ayes.
    • Motion passes.
  • Motion: accept the proposed quorum by-law.
    • 6 ayes. (Rodney via prior written vote)
    • Motion passes.
  • Motion: Close meeting
    • 5 ayes.
    • Motion passes.

Action Items

  • Mozart to make Press Officer an available position