Minutes/National Council/2014-09-04

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Meeting Minutes
This document is a record of a meeting. Do not edit this document without contacting the relevant group first.


Start: 20:01 AEST

End: 20:39 AEST


  • Brendan Molloy (chair)
  • Fletcher Boyd
  • David Campbell
  • Daniel Judge
  • Michael Keating
  • Simon Frew
  • Mark Gibbons


  • None


  • Ben McGinnes
  • Melanie Thomas


Previous Meetings Minutes

Action Items from Previous Minutes

  • Congress Minutes
    • Not yet managed to get to finishing those, will go on Secretary to do list
  • Join Form
    • should have been in action items
    • it's happening, new member working on it. Brendan was working with him today
    • Making good progress. :)
    • should be usable within a month
  • Keating to send dongle tomorrow


  • Has been updated
  • Brendan sent the link around before meeting
  • Mozart has given it the thumbs up
  • all seems well
    • See motions

Debit Card

  • MarkG updates that the account opening is underway
    • soon signatories will need to go in and co-sign for the setup
    • the bank was meant to ring today to confirm the account was open, but they failed to do so MarkG will call them tomorrow
  • progress has occurred, there was much rejoicing
  • with any luck, we can change signatories and open the account at the same time
    • MarkG will have to confirm that we can do this
  • DanielJ to forward MarkG the letter and minutes doc regarding bank signatories

General Business

  • Great progress in last week
  • Brendan recruited someone to work on the join form and server
    • target is 14 Sept for new forms
  • DanielJ received the registered officer form back from Keating today, so will submit to AEC
  • Also need to finalise materials for recruitment; policy flyers, etc, but hopefully coming month will see more progress with submissions out of the way etc
  • Monthly announcement is two days late, Brendan wanted to revised DanielJ's template further.
    • It will be sent out tonight or tomorrow
    • will be putting it on the forum, and emailing a link to it
  • the FAQ on the website has been updated to be more relevant where it was outdated, and the front page of the website has been changed a little, specifically the menus
  • we recently recruited a guy in NSW who used to work on Greens campaigns
    • so, we're also starting to get people with lots of experience we can use
  • First International Relations group meeting is scheduled for next thursday (NC meeting off weeks)
    • Suggest pre-discussing items via email before meeting
  • 5EP meeting was had
    • discussed PPI stuff
    • Helping USPP with some IT issues & hosting their lists now
    • UK pirates discussed their plans regarding elections
    • PPNZ is regrouping nicely too
      • offered our assistance where possible
      • they may seek some assistance with policy etc
    • DanielJ has some notes to add to the meeting pad
  • minimal progress on the Womens WG as yet, been obviously very busy
  • Brendan has a meeting with the professor that runs austlii tomorrow
    • going to try to convince him to open source the platform if possible :)


  • https://pirateparty.org.au/wiki/Standards
  • we need to finalise the standards more, but those are still progressing steadily
  • Joe made one for procurement and the like
  • And social media has been improved/completed


  • Brendan realises we will have made more submissions in 2014 than 2013, 2012 and 2011 combined
  • Copyright review response coming along nicely
    • will submit tomorrow
    • there were not enough feels, too much technical response
      • so Brendan extended it to discuss our position a bit more, and also discussed the concept of a readonly vs read-write culture

Policy documentation formats

  • Fletcher would like to slowly start working on mirroring our platform in a nice format on the website instead of just the wiki.
    • So far he has gotten an example of our digital liberties text converted to multimarkdown (which can convert to html, latex etc)
    • http://fboyd.me/u/MMD/ (for in-meeting feedback)
    • this method means we could easily generate pdf versions as well
    • http://bywordapp.com/markdown/guide.html#section-mmd has a general list of the differences between MD and MMD
    • Brendan will then probably write a script to generate a useful table of contents buttons
  • Also convert http://int.piratenpartei.de/Statutes


  • MOTION: Accept the minutes of 2014-08-12.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 7 (Brendan, Fletcher, David, DanielJ, Keating, Frew, MarkG); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Accept the amended Constitution as per Congress amendments.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 7 (Brendan, Frew, MarkG, Keating, DanielJ, David, Fletcher); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Close meeting.
    • Put by: Brendan
    • Ayes: 6 (Brendan, DanielJ, MarkG, Fletcher, David, Keating); Nays: 0 (); Abstains: 0 ()
      • Motion carries.

Action Items

  • DanielJ to complete finalising the Congress Minutes for ratification
  • Join form to be progressed upon
  • Brendan to get IT to update the constitution doc.
  • MarkG to ring bank and followup re Debit Card, and confirm ability to change signatories at same time as opening account
  • DanielJ to forward MarkG the letter and minutes doc regarding bank signatories
  • Fletcher to convert the PPAU platform and PPI statutes to MultiMarkdown
  • DanielJ to update 5EP pad with notes