Minutes/Policy Development Committee Meeting/2013-01-09

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Meeting Minutes
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Policy Development Committee: Inaugural IRC meeting (#ppau-pdc)

Start: 20:00 09/01/13 AEST
Finish: 21:49 09/01/13 AEST



  • Outline of committee & its intended role
  • Process for policy development with the PDC
  • Process for incorporating ideas from wider party membership
  • Polly requirements


  • David Crafti
  • Andrew Downing
  • Mark Gibbons
  • Daniel Judge
  • Sam Kearns
  • Rodney Serkowski


Outline of committee & its intended role

  • Introductions by committee members
  • Committee to meet fortnightly with option for skype and live minute taking
  • Committee will develop policy beyond traditional “core” areas

Process for policy development with the PDC

  • Four step process proposed and accepted
  1. Ideas: all PDC members will freely record policy ideas on a shared Pad
  2. Approval: policy ideas will be reviewed at the 23 January meeting and approved by vote
  3. Development: Originators of approved ideas will expand policy text and create a template to allow policy assessment in line with Polly requirements
  4. Approval (second stage): Developed policies will be reviewed at 6 February & subsequent meetings.
  • Suggestion to align PDC policies with principles outlined in the Falkvinge “Pirate Wheel”

Process for incorporating ideas from wider party membership

  • Members to be invited to submit all ideas to the PDC email ([email protected])
  • Policies at development stage to be made available for wider feedback
  • PDC will actively seek to facilitate member participation in the policy process

Polly requirements

  • High-level Polly compliance to be achieved by recording weights and priorities in policy proposals using Multi-Attribute Utility Theory (MAUT)
  • PDC to make MAUT weightings publically available and utilise them in reviewing internally-sourced ideas

Action items

  • Policy development to commence immediately
  • Notice to be drafted inviting party members to submit policy ideas.