Pirate Congress 2019/Constitutional Amendments

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Official Party Document
The veracity of this document is ensured by the National Council and editing of this page is limited to members of the National Council.

Constitutional Amendment Proposals must be submitted to [email protected] before 9:00am AEST on Saturday 29 June 2019.

Proposals to change the Constitution are Special Resolutions under the NSW Associations Incorporation Act 2009.

CAP-0: Clean up the position descriptions in section 3.2

Put by: Alex Jago


Replace the contents of sub-sub-sub-sections,,, and with the contents of,,, and respectively, then remove the now-duplicate,,, and

Repeal sub-sub-section 3.2.7 "Registered Officer" in its entirety.

Replace 3.2.8(1) with "Three (3) Councillors will be appointed by election at the Annual National Congress to the National Council." and repeal 3.2.8(2).


Note to avoid ambiguity: all sections referred to in the motion are in Part III, section 3.2 "Positions".

In 2017 at the Emergency National Congress, we inserted a number of updated position-description clauses (as well as replacing the Registered Officer with a third Councillor). That all took effect at the middle of last year as intended. Since the old clauses are no longer operational, it is now time to remove them altogether.