Pirate by-election August 2018

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The Party's National Council has three casual vacancies at the start of of the 2018-19 term. The position of Policy Development Officer is also vacant.

We are now calling for nominations for the following positions:

Nominations close 11:59pm AEST 10th August 2018

Adding a Nomination

If you wish to nominate yourself for a position, please create your nomination using the template below.

If you need assistance adding your nomination, please email [email protected] and we'll help you.


Catty McCat

Why do you feel that you are qualified for the position for which you have declared your candidacy?
I am a cat!
Why are you seeking the position for which you have declared your candidacy?
How dare you question my justification!
What experience/contribution have you made so far to the Pirate movement, and what will you do to advance or better the Party and movement?
I purr.
Do you agree with the Pirate Party platform and its ideals? What other political movements or parties have you been a part of?
Maybe, I am a cat.
Additional Documentation:
  • None

National Council

Deputy Secretary

Deputy Treasurer

Councillor (1)


Policy Development Officer