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Civil and Digital Liberties

Protect and expand freedoms of speech and expression, privacy, justice, bodily autonomy and marriage. Expand digital access. Introduce a Bill of Rights.

Culture and Creative Works

Copyright reform. Support for the arts and public broadcasting.

Education and Innovation

Stop subsidising private schools and instead make public education the best it can be. Patent system reform. A National Science Plan.


Improve government transparency. Support for citizens' initiatives. Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Electoral reforms including proportional representation.

Economic Reform

Bring in a Basic Income. Reinstate the Commonwealth Employment Service. Reform state taxes and utilise land value tax more effectively. Recognise distributed digital currencies.


Full-fibre NBN. Support for public transport and freight rail. Driverless vehicles.


Net zero CO2e by 2050 (half by 2030). Expanded National Parks. Strengthen environmental protections and farmers' rights against CSG. Establish a standing disaster relief fund. Animal welfare reforms.


Stop subsidising private health cover: instead, fund public health better, provide dental to disadvantaged people, and curb homelessness.

Law and Order

End the failed "war on drugs" including legalisation of cannabis. Prohibit privatised prisons; trial Social Impact Bonds.

Foreign Policy

Establish a single regional asylum-seeker queue; end offshore detention. Prioritise sea denial and regional engagement, not playing "deputy sheriff", and require a double 2/3rds majority of Parliament to declare war. Greatly enhance transparency in treaty negotiation.