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Project Name: Polly

The name associates with polling, parrots and pirates, friendly pet, talking openly. Also, parrots are apparently awesome.

Polly owes a slight nod and wink towards the German PP Liquid Feedback system.

Please use this page as the central index site for Polly documents and related links.



Goal: "Foster participative democracy"

Representative democracy suffers from obvious problems where power gathers around an elite few, in turn attracting corruption. Historically this has had to be countered by endless manual "checks and balances" which led to the grossly inefficient governments we see before us, while the alternative participatory democratic processes have always been limited in scope because of the overheads of operating them in anything other than a small scale (scaling with square of number of participants). The difference today is ubiquitous computing and networking, meaning that we can attempt to address the scale limitations that previously prevented large scale participatory democracy.


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