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Official Party Document
The veracity of this document is ensured by the National Council and editing of this page is limited to members of the National Council.

Name of Group: Press Team


The Press Team is to be considered a committee within Pirate Party Australia, despite being less formally organised, and is therefore bound by any regulations pertaining to committees. The Press Team is not required to have regular meetings.

Scope and responsibilities

The Press Team's scope may be expanded as the National Council sees fit. The primary responsbility shall always be the creation of press releases.


The group will be co-ordinated by the Press Officer in consultation with the National Council.


The Press Officer and National Council have the ability to add or remove members of the Press Team. The Press Officer and a majority of the National Council must be in agreement in either case. A member of the Press Team or National Council may be appointed by the National Council as Deputy Press Officer to fulfil the duties of the Press Officer in case of absence.

Due to the Press Team's requirement of high reactivity, the Press Officer may add a member to the Team "on probation" until consent is given at the next National Council meeting. The Press Officer may also suspend a member of the Press Team prior to expulsion being consented to at the next National Council meeting.

Budgetary Requirements

It is not envisaged that the Press Team will require any funding, however if expenses are incurred, the Press Team may request funds from the Treasurer.

Tools and Procedures for Communication

The Press Team will determine their own communication procedures.

The regulations for press releases can be found in the Press Release Guide. These regulations may be changed only with the consent of the Press Officer and the National Council. The National Council has overriding authority where its views conflict with those of the Press Officer.

Expected Duration