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Official Party Document
The veracity of this document is ensured by the National Council and editing of this page is limited to members of the National Council.


The Programming Team is established to develop software and tools to improve the functioning of the Pirate Party.


  1. The Team is coordinated by the Programming Officer.
  2. The Programming Officer is appointed by the National Council.
  3. The Programming Officer will liase with the National Council and other internal groups on behalf of any project leader as required.
  4. The structure of each project will be determined by the Team according to its requirements.


The Team may admit persons it feels are necessary or capable of contributing.

Objectives and responsibilities

  1. The Team is to develop software and tools that
    1. promote participatory democratic principles, and
    2. assist in the operation of the Party.
  2. All software produced by the Team is to be made open source, with the licensing structure at the discretion of the Team.
  3. The Programming Officer must provide a statement to the National Congress of projects and undertaken and progress made through either
    1. a blog,
    2. a formal report,
    3. a Wiki page, or
    4. some other appropriate means.


  1. The Team may consult with any professional, expert, group or organisation it feels may contribute or be of benefit to its projects.
  2. The Programming Officer may act as spokesperson for the projects or work of the Team.
  3. The Team may make suggestions for changes to Party policies or organisational structure if it feels necessary.
  4. The Team may independently engage any other internal group.
  5. The group may determine its own method and frequency of reporting.

Budgetary requirements

Any expenditure must be authorised by the National Council in advance.

Internal communication

  1. Most discussion should be held on
    1. the Programming Team discussion mailing group (programming@), or
    2. the #ppau-pwg IRC channel.
  2. If other tools are required for communication the Team may engage the IT Team to implement those tools.

Decision-making procedure

Decision-making should be democratic, and decisions made through consensus.

Expected duration

The Team is expected to last indefinitely.