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Pirate Party Australia recognises that not all interested members may be able to attend formal events such as the Policy and Preselection Meeting 2013 or the annual Pirate Congress due to factors such as family or work commitments and the cost of travel.

We endeavour to be an inclusive party; as such, we provide the option of remote participation wherever possible. Attendees can follow the events live via our audio and video streams, and members can participate in votes, discussions and raise objections via a portal. A dedicated representative will relay the comments of remote attendees to the floor.

Minutes and recordings of events are also taken; minutes are published on the Pirate Party Australia wiki and selected videos made available on the Youtube channel a few days afterwards.

Audio Stream

We utilise Mumble for our audio streams. This is the recommend option if you are on a low bandwidth connection - the audio quality is superior to other streaming solutions and the time delay is generally <120ms.

While the Mumble client has a chat interface built in, attendees should use the portal for discussion, as the mumble chat room is not monitored.

Video Stream

Our events are also streamed live via video. We utilise a global content delivery network to relay our video which ensures a smooth, lag free experience regardless of what country you are viewing from. This is the recommended option if you are on a broadband connection with an adequate data quota.

Remote Attendees Portal

We encourage interested viewers to participate via our remote attendees portal, which features an embedded IRC client, video players, instructions and useful links. Technically savvy users may wish to open the video stream in a new window and use an IRC client of their own choice.