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Official Party Document
The veracity of this document is ensured by the National Council and editing of this page is limited to members of the National Council.

Summary of Purpose

The Social Media Team is established to engage with members of the public and current Party members on social networking services. Primary aims are to share important Party updates and announcements, and to assist with any queries regarding the Party.


The team will be coordinated by the Social Media Officer, who will be appointed by the National Council.

The Social Media Officer may add members to the Team at their discretion, but must notify the National Council via email when doing so. The National Council may remove members of the Social Media Team by majority vote. The Social Media Officer may also suspend a member of the Team prior to expulsion being consented to at the next National Council meeting. Suspension and expulsion must be on reasonable grounds such as contravention of these terms of reference or other applicable guidelines.

Members of the Social Media Team must follow the Social Media Standards.

Powers & Responsibilities

The Social Media Team has powers and responsibilities that include:

  • Managing and updating profiles on social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.
  • Posting updates to the official blog (subject to the Press Team's approval).
  • Creating and maintaining new accounts.
  • Removing content where appropriate.


Reporting requirements are minimal. The group may determine its own method and frequency of reporting, except as otherwise requested or directed by the National Council.

Budgetary Requirements

It is not envisaged that the Social Media Team will require any funding. However, if expenses are incurred, the Social Media Team may request funds from the National Council.

Tools and Procedures for Communication

The Social Media Team may determine its own tools and procedures for communication.

Expected Duration