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PPAU Qld Steering Commitee Meeting Minutes


opened 21:10 closed 22:35

Commitee Members Attendance: -Miles Whiticker -Alex Jago -Emily Morrison

Other Attendees: -AndrewD? -RunDLL?

Qld Steering Commitee Mission discussion

overarching goal is to get registered at a state level by mid-late 2019

that's 200 members ASAP and another 100 in the year following
late 2019 for reasons of electoral timing

Qld Announcement Email

Next meeting set for Tuesday 19th September at 9.15pm

Emily can't do any earlier on Tuesdays so suggestion is we look at another day

Monthly outreach events / September 2017 flyer handout

flyer handouts: the default plan!

anywhere on a public sidewalk (in BCC) is fine provided you're not blocking it or being a public nuisance
*not* SouthBank
but what about the City Gardens?
good question (action item)
do a flyer handout on a sidewalk adjacent/near community markets

some smaller markets might be very cheap to get into

need to get a proper A-frame - one side generic, one side issue-of-the-day

we have the old election coreflutes, if they are still in good condition we can jury rig A frames out of them
yep! AJ has 8
miles: i have got the 2 pullup banners which are much more visible and compact than A frames
yeah, but the wind kills those
oh lol we need sandbags... or bricks

Bigger events

- liquid democracy workshop

- cryptoparty

- party party: held in the naval museum in south brisbane? easier venue is thoughtworks... they have already offered to host us

- 48 hour film jam to write, direct and produce as many 30 second PPAU promotional/policy shorts as possible

- basic income script is ready to go, we just need someone who can videos good

this one would work better animated, there are graphs and things, it's more for the Reddit market anyway
i can edit, record, film and maybe borrow some sound gear, i dont have access to a decent camera though

- halfsies with Flux for an actual market stall? waiting on NC approval for joint promotions

- HSBNE (or other nominated recipient) fundraiser sausage sizzle at Bunnings...

idea put on hold until we have more manpower
Bunnings has a big lead time anyway

State Election guerilla activism ideas

- assuming we're not registered a) run support for another party candidate/s b) run opposition to some candidate/s

big three are running in every electorate, KAP and PHON will be running in bogan, rural and regional areas, various independents will be everywhere, and the other minor parties we'll see closer to the day
anything beyond simple endorsement will be a lot of resources for very little payoff
unless you felt like running a membership campaign at the voting booth
if we have enough members but just short of registering, we could also look into running as endorsed independants

Action Items

- AlexJ to ring Botanic Gardens about stall costs (and whether we could even be there) - Miles to send one more email to Supanova about Brisbane panel on November 10-12 - Miles to send out qld steering committee announcement mailout