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PPAU Qld Online General Meeting Minutes


Chair: Miles Whiticker


  • Miles
  • Emily
  • Alex
  • Liam
  • Laura
  • Dan?

Opened: 9.30pm

Activites since August

  • Social meetups, pirates in the pub (ideal: 15-20 attendees)
  • Some new faces from nonpirates showing up to talk politics and learn about our platform
  • Posters at UQ
  • Update on meetup effectiveness
  • Doorknocking was brought up at a meetup... lot of effort so needs to be targetted strategically
  • Weekend flyer handouts went ok. Not many flyers handed out, but spoke to a few people (including 2 supporters!) and loads of people saw our signage

General Discussion

  • Possible Brisbane radio interviews upcoming?
  • "Stop Adani" geurilla signs discussion
  • Thoughts on member re-engagement... put on hold to talk about on a national level
  • Alex: Suggestion to get A frames (A3 size) for printing "issue of the day" style bulletins... make out of light wood + plastic or springy polypropylene
  • Alternate idea: blankets/tarps on the ground busking style with issue bulletins, or jury rig old election corflutes together into Aframe
  • Alex: laminated colour A3 is about $4.50 a side from officeworks
  • Liam: Snap Printing is better/cheaper
  • Some discussion around Supanova planning... tabled to form a working group in 1 month to plan for SNova 2018
  • Liam: Stall may be a better idea if we can afford public liability
  • Emily: look into comiccon as well
  • Friday 20 October 7pm nominated for next Online General Meeting
  • Tuesday 3rd October 9.15pm nominated for flyer handout working group meeting
  • Action item: organise Brisbane convention working group at next general meeting (October)

Closed 10.30pm