South Australian Branch Of The Pirate Party Australia Calling For Membership

The South Australian branch of the Pirate Party Australia is pushing to increase their local membership in preparation for the upcoming state election expected March 2010.

To register as an official Pirate Party branch in South Australia with Electoral Commission SA (ECSA), the party needs to increase its local membership to at least 150. Members must sign and send in their application forms, along with their $20.00 Founders Fee, which will cover the cost of incorporation, registration, and other ongoing costs.

With the assistance of founding members the Pirate Party will be one step closer to providing South Australians with the option to vote ʻPirateʼ in the upcoming State election. The Pirate Party fights for a fairer and more balanced copyright; encourage innovation and access to culture, information and knowledge, greater government transparency and the protection of our civil liberties. South Australia is a key state for Pirate Party policy regarding censorship, especially the lack of an R18+ video game rating and the recently passed legislation banning the promotion of R18+ movies. The state was also the first to introduce unjust anti-association laws.

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As South Australia is the first state coming up for election in 2010 it will also be the first to launch a local Pirate Party branch. Although this election wonʼt occur until early next year, an effective campaign forces us to achieve our required membership numbers this December 2009. The first public SA Chapter meeting will be held Thursday 17th December 6pm at the Union Cinema, Level 5 Union House, Adelaide University.

Those interested in our policies can make a contribution by:

Join! – Becoming a founding member of the Pirate Party Australia by registering at

Publicise! – Anyone can help increase awareness and encourage membership. For the Pirate Party to gain public support, it needs as much exposure of its policies and goals to the citizens of Australia. Everyone can play a crucial role by informing their friends, co-workers, family, and other like-minded individuals about the party.

Get involved! – We need pro-active members to assist with our SA campaign. To get involved contact the SA Pirate Party Coordinators via our website below and attend the meeting.

For more comprehensive information on the Pirate Party Australia, its platform and policies, please visit the SA website at

Media Contacts:

For any media related queries, please contact the SA Spokesperson Andrew in the first instance.

Andrew Glancey, Acting SA Spokesperson – 0405 523 288
Michael Hill, Acting SA Media Relations – 0402 568 250