Pirate Party Australia Successfully Registers for Federal Elections

Pirate Party Australia is pleased to announce that its application for registration as a federal political party passed all tests by the Australian Electoral Commission and is now on the register of political parties[1].

The Party quietly submitted its application in late 2012, and objections to the Party’s registration closed on the 14th of January this year.

“Organising and validating a membership database to then submit to the AEC for the purposes of registration is a daunting task. Fortunately, we had a team of volunteers who were prepared to spend many weekends ensuring that the list we sent to the AEC was entirely valid, and I thank them for their effort,” said Brendan Molloy, Secretary of Pirate Party Australia.

The Party will now turn its attention towards developing policies and the pre-selection of candidates for the upcoming federal election.

“With this milestone reached, refinement of our policies will become the focus of our development teams leading up to pre-selection of our candidates later this year.” said David W. Campbell, President of Pirate Party Australia.

The Party thanks all those involved in the process leading to registration, particularly those who spent vast amounts of time ensuring member details were up to date.

“More than ever before there is a necessity in Australia for a Party that holds empowerment, participation, free culture and openness as its central tenets. A Party that understands the modern emerging information society and the imperative for political transparency that ensures meaningful engagement.” said Rodney Serkowski, the Party’s founder.

“A Party that respects fundamental rights and freedoms. As the Prime Minister condemns whistleblowers and publishers without trial, the spectre of data retention looms, policy is laundered and Australia’s interests are sidelined by faceless diplomats and bureaucrats through ill-considered trade pacts there has never been more reason to put pirates in parliament” he concluded.

“On this momentous occasion, I would like to thank all of those who have supported us through the long-running registration process: our members, our families and supporters from around the world,” said Molloy.

“Of course, the work doesn’t stop here. The Pirate Party will be fielding candidates in the upcoming election, so we need your support. Join, donate, and vote Pirate!”

[1] http://aec.gov.au/Parties_and_Representatives/Party_Registration/Registration_Decisions/2013/4857.htm

31 thoughts on “Pirate Party Australia Successfully Registers for Federal Elections

  1. You should have something to say about the nature of the Australian Housing ponzi scheme and the transfer of wealth from the younger generation to the older. Good luck!

  2. As to our Pirate Party of Russia it’s very pity that it is this month refused in registration by Putin’s authoritarian regime. But we will struggle on! Nil demandum!

    Ahoy, mateys!

    Alexander Andreev, a 52-years old pirate blogger

    Chita, Transbaikalia, RF

    [email protected]

  3. Thank you.

    As someone who works in the IP industry, I’m extatic to finally have a party I can really get behind.

  4. Congratulations. Wonder how long before the dirt teams of both major parties start trying to trash the P. P. A.? I know where my vote is going.

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