Pirate Party leads the way with transparent preferencing

In April, Pirate Party Australia’s members voted in favour of deciding the Party’s Senate preferences transparently and democratically. To initiate this process, an email from the Party was recently sent out to request other parties make a case for Pirate preferences.

“Pirate Party Australia is changing the game this election by making our preferences completely transparent,” said David W. Campbell, President of Pirate Party Australia and Senate candidate for NSW. “This ensures democratic participation in our preferences and accountability from not just our party, but for all parties seeking our preferences. We are the only party on the Australian political landscape with such a selection process, including full disclosure to Australian voters before they vote.”

“Australian political parties continue to base preferences on back-room deals conducted by their controlling elite. Pirate Party Australia will stand as the only example of a transparent and democratically managed party from top to bottom this election. The Australian people deserve and want better, and we are the Party delivering on that.”

Responses to the request for cases to be made will be published by Pirate Party Australia and all members will then rank parties according to the responses, as well as their own personal leanings.

The results of this process will also be published on the Party’s website to ensure the general public know where a vote for the Pirate Party will go should our candidates not be elected. Other parties will have a clear indication of our preferencing intent so they can preference as they see fit.

The email is included below.


Pirate Party Australia are champions of transparency and democracy, and to that end we have developed a process to engage our entire membership on preferences and a preferential vote will be held to ultimately determine preference ranks.

These results will be published publicly on our website so that Australian voters can make an informed choice.

If you have a message or offer to put to our membership as to why your party should be preferenced by our party in any particular state or nationally please state your case clearly and highlight how your party, if elected, would advance the same goals as Pirate Party Australia or what your party is willing to offer in exchange for higher preferencing.

Your letters of offer will be published along with our preference data to show our reasoning and maintain the transparency of our democratic process.

Thank you, we look forward to your offer.

Pirate Party Australia
National Council

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