Pirate Party preferences announced

Yesterday the Australia Electoral Commission published group voting tickets (GVT) for this year’s Senate election, indicating where parties have decided their preferences should flow. Pirate Party Australia is proud to announce that it has successfully completed this important stage of the election process.

In keeping with the Pirate Party’s committment to transparency and participatory democracy, this election the Pirate Party pioneered a form of preferencing unprecedented in Australian politics[1].

“Our approach had three phases. First, all parties were invited to provide our members with a message explaining why we should preference them. These were published publicly. Second, all members were asked to rank the parties according to how they should be preferenced. Finally, our members were asked whether any deals offered by other parties were acceptable,” said Simon Frew, President of Pirate Party Australia. “This made our preferences entirely democratic and transparent. Pirate Party Australia stands in a class of its own in this regard.”

In NSW, the Party’s preferences will go to the Greens, followed by the WikiLeaks Party and the Australian Democrats. The Greens and WikiLeaks Party reciprocated these placements.

In Queensland, preferences will go to the Australian Democrats, followed by the Greens and Secular Party. The Greens reciprocated this placement.

In Tasmania, preferences will go the Greens, followed by the Sex Party and Senator Online. The Greens and Sex Party reciprocated this placement.

In Victoria, preferences will go to the Australian Democrats, followed by the WikiLeaks Party and the Greens. The WikiLeaks Party and the Greens reciprocated this.

Complete group voting tickets can be accessed from the Australian Electoral Commission’s website, at http://www.aec.gov.au/election/downloads.htm. Following the release of the GVTs, Pirate Party Australia was trending highly on Twitter in Australia.

The Party will be running two Senate candidates in each of the above states. Details of the Party’s candidates can be found at: https://pirateparty.org.au/candidates

Pirate Party Australia stands on a platform focused around digital and civil rights, with core policies surrounding copyright reform, privacy and government transparency. Last week, the Australian Privacy Foundation ranked Pirate Party Australia as having the best privacy policy of any Australian political party, equal with the Greens[2]. Promoting evidence-based policy, the Pirate Party’s platform features over 150 citations across 17 broad policies[3]. The Party’s policies address issues such as marriage, drugs, censorship, welfare, taxation, energy and education.

[1] https://pirateparty.org.au/2013/08/18/preferencing-statement-for-federal-election-2013/
[2] http://www.privacy.org.au/Papers/ECF-2013-Scores.html
[3] https://pirateparty.org.au/wiki/Platform

9 thoughts on “Pirate Party preferences announced

  1. I would love to support the Pirate Party as it echoes my values and ideals. But I need a response to my comment. As it will affect my vote. Thankyou.

    1. Voting 1 above the line for the Pirate Party follows our group voting ticket, so how any other party has ordered their preferences will not change how your vote is distributed if you vote Pirate.

      One Nation is second last on our preferences, just in front of the Australia First Party, so no matter where in the country you vote for the Pirate Party, your vote won’t help a fascist get elected.

      The preference order can be found here: http://pirateparty.org.au/2013/08/18/preferencing-statement-for-federal-election-2013/

  2. I may be only fifteen but when I’m old enough to vote, you guys are definitely who I’ll be rooting for.
    Everything from your preferences and ideals to your candidates agrees flawlessly with everything I believe in and recognise as important – especially your stance on sexual orientation equality and same-sex marriage.
    And personally, I’ve had more than enough of the blustering, money-hogging bastards whose faces appear too often on the TV screen.
    Keep it up, guys, and double thumbs up.

    1. WOW Phaze, I am impressed by your interest and knowledge, I am over sixty and came to the same conclusions!
      Even with all the manipulations of the right wing media and big companies maybe all is not lost for the future, you give me hope, thanks!

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