We are hopeful Aussie digital liberty politicians, Ask Us Anything on Reddit!

This Friday 24th September at 6pm AEST, Pirate Party Australia is going live on reddit.com/r/technology to answer questions on civil rights, digital liberties, and the steady descent of Australia into spying, surveillance capitalism and authoritarianism. Speaking will be three of our candidates from the 2019 Federal Election: Brandon Selic (Queensland), John August (New South Wales) and Tania Briese (Victoria) who between them draw on diverse experiences in law, community, family care, education, health, and of course technology.

We’ll be creating the thread at about 30 minutes beforehand for all your questions then answering questions for the following three hours until 9pm AEST. Feel free to ask about the 2019 election campaign, the 2021 election campaign, the recent Identify and Disrupt Bill (which makes it legal to impersonate/add/delete data without a judicial warrant), the recent changes to party electoral registration (designed to disqualify minor opposition parties), the recent changes crackdowns on whistleblowers and journalists or anything!

Edit: now on the 24th!