ENC ’21: Ballots are on their way!

Hi Pirates,

We concluded our emergency National Congress this morning!

If you’re a full member, you should have received (or be about to receive) two emails from our voting system. These will let you vote in the post-Congress ballots.

There are six questions that will be put to you, our members:

1. CAP-1, which is the support framework for joining an electoral coalition;
2. CAP-2, which aligns our party constitution a bit better with the NSW Model Constitution;
3. FM-1, which means we join Fusion;
4. PM-1, which introduces a Sovereign Wealth Fund policy;
5. PM-2, a minor wording update to our Education policy;
6. Approval voting to endorse our first four preselection candidates.

The CAPs are three-quarters majority votes with a 20% quorum requirement. FM-1, PM-1 and PM-2 are two-thirds majority votes (no quorum requirement). Each preselection candidate must receive a simple majority of support in order to be endorsed.

You can peruse the minutes from both days of Congress here:

Read CAP-1 and CAP-2 here:

Read FM-1, PM-1 and PM-2 here:

And read the candidate nominations here:

If you’re not a full member, for example if your membership has lapsed, simply visit members.pirateparty.org.au to join or renew. Next week we’ll be voting on the rankings of other parties, which will inform our preference negotiations.

We thank you for your continued support!

Kind Regards,
Alex Jago
Pirate Party Australia