2022 Election – It’s Officially On!

The election has been called for the 21st of May… and campaign season steps up another level.

As part of Fusion, Pirates will be on the ballot in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia, with other Fusion candidates running in Victoria too.

How can you help? Well, there’s two key things it takes to fight an election: time and money.

Volunteer for the campaign!

Can you help out on the big day? Can you help out beforehand? Can you write, or design, or script?
Polling places with volunteers get double the number of votes as compared to those without.

Donate to the campaign

It costs $2000 to be on the ballot. Per candidate. We’ve got enough in the bank to pay for nominations, but to run a good campaign beyond that, we need to have shirts, signs, flyers and digital ads. All of this costs money and we’ll need it in a hurry.

Please donate $20 to your local Pirate-Fusion candidate today.

All donations to candidates are tax-deductible.

Last but not least, check your voter enrolment as well!