Pirate Party Australia Slams Jordan’s Grindr Ban as Assault on Internet Freedom and Inclusivity

BRISBANE, 6th Nov 2023 – Pirate Party Australia, a champion of digital rights, has called out Jordan’s recent restriction on the LGBTIQ+ social networking app, Grindr. This blockade amplifies the steadily growing affront to the country’s online freedoms and its commitment to inclusivity.

This move comes amid an apparent surge in intolerance and discrimination against Jordan’s LGBTIQ+ communities. Even though antique colonial-era laws criminalising consensual same-sex relationships have been repealed, religious restrictions in the country still rock the boat for the LGBTIQ+ rights.

Pirate Party Australia’s President, Miles Whiticker, shares: “Our mission is an internet that is both free of censorship and discrimination. The prohibition of Grindr is not a standalone incident, but a grim addition to a troubling pattern that infringes on the digital rights and welfare of the worldwide LGBTIQ+ community. Our stance is unwavering – every individual, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, deserves to connect with others and find joy.”

Data from the Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) reveals that Grindr’s site and app were blocked in Jordan starting from 8th August, 2023 [1]. According to OONI, the ban is not temporary but enduring. This is more than a mere technological barrier; it’s a blatant affront to universal human rights and health agendas. Grindr has played a crucial role in Jordan’s response to HIV by providing users with necessary resources in Arabic. The ban, thus, not only infringes on public health initiatives but jeopardizes the wellness of Jordan’s entire LGBTIQ+ community.

Confronted by the closure of physical spaces for the LGBTIQ+ community in Jordan, Pirate Party Australia emphasises the necessity to safeguard online platforms. The global community must recognise the potential implications of this clampdown for both Jordanians and the global LGBTIQ+ populace.

Jordan’s government is urged to reconsider the ban on Grindr and uphold the rights and dignity of all citizens. Pirate Party Australia reaffirms its resolve to champion an internet unencumbered by censorship – an inclusive online world where self-expression isn’t shadowed by fear.

[1] https://ooni.org/post/2023-jordan-blocks-grindr/

3 thoughts on “Pirate Party Australia Slams Jordan’s Grindr Ban as Assault on Internet Freedom and Inclusivity

  1. The basics of the matter is a) the sun causes cancer ( 50% cancer rates in Australia and Ireland, though bacterium could be playing a part too ) b) urban educated women don’t ( aren’t willing due to work commitments ) want to have children. Urban women also have this misinformation guided to them about their diet ( all serving to reduce effective population pressure ), often quoting completely wrong “where is your food sourced from” and “cruelty free” and “vegan” etc stuff, completely changing the gut composition ( if you’re vegan you should have sauer kraut, trillion count probiotic for a dollar, heck just put shredded cabbage in a jar for 5 days ) and thus free will and will to have children.

    It is within the rights of conservative societies to protect their child bearing women from harm.

    If you cannot put in place a “heterogenous” ( NOT homegeous, that includes uniform law ) social conduct system without fines etc, without racism ( it has to place you in different quadrants or deciles instead of giving you a simple number, again no fines and no laws, it has to then open up exciting avenues and travel offers for you ), then the richer you get, the only thing that you speak of is, “control the population”.

    So it’s no point.

    Religion based laws says that you have one god judge, so it has failed all society.

    It has to be heterogenous. The internet is a place where you can have 10,000 heterogeneous gods but the whole internet has collapsed into 2 or 3 gods ( social and other apps ) simply because you cannot remember their URLs.

    You have to have a favourites app on the browser to enable 10,000 gods/champions, reduce monopoly and oligarchy on the internet. Ideally these favourites should auto update so that the domain blocks and eventual domain capture by domain provider scam ( instead of just registering with ICANN ) doesn’t close down the site. These favourites should also have multiple tags along with the basic directory structure. Please see Evernote as to what tags mean. You can put multiple tags on each item, like files, favourites, notes etc., like Social/Programming/Discussion/Forum etc. You also need junctions ( not Unix links ) so that folders can be included in different folders.

    Lastly you need case insensitive programming languages ( like Pascal ) and case insensitive filenames. JFS module with case insensitive enabled on Linux with a real Samba.

    The entire internet and Linux has to have case insensitive enabled. Unix is full of religious fanatics that don’t know what a human is. Girls can design first on Delphi.

  2. What is the PPA’s position on internet access in Gaza being completely destroyed by Israel? It seems a bit more censorious than blocking a dating app.

    1. The internet is a necessary tool of communication for journalists, medics, whistleblowers and humanitarian observers. The loss of internet/satellite/mobile coverage in Gaza will mean it is far more difficult for third parties to report and observe on the war.

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