Pirate Party Australia Calls for Peace and Justice in Israel-Palestine Conflict

Amidst the recent surge in violence across Gaza, the West Bank, and Israel, Pirate Party Australia urges a balanced and critically informed approach to this highly complex issue. It is our firm belief that critiquing the policies and actions of a nation does not equate to hatred towards its people. Simplistic demonisation and rhetoric only exacerbates hatred and is a barrier to ending the cycle of violence. We reject language from political figures and the media that portrays either Palestinians or Israelis as less than human. We stand against any form of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, promoting dialogue and understanding instead.

We extend our unequivocal condemnation of the hostilities conducted by Hamas, including civilian abductions and decades-spanning rocket attacks. We implore Hamas to release the remaining hostages unconditionally. Equally, we expect the Israeli Government to unconditionally end the punitive ‘Administrative Detention’ and either charge or release detainees as mandated by international human rights law.

Further, we demand adherence to the Geneva Convention regarding the conduct of warfare, particularly to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War. Impartial international bodies must be found to investigate any allegations of war crimes, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing or genocide and that the perpetrators be held accountable through the International Criminal Court. Sparing civilian lives benefits both Palestinian and Israeli societies and is paramount to breaking the cycle of hatred and radicalisation.

The forced eviction of Palestinians in the West Bank, the expansion of settlements, and all manners of segregation and discrimination is an intolerable injustice against Palestinians. A settlement concerning borders, and respect for those borders, is essential for lasting peace.

We call for lifting the Gaza blockade and acknowledge the desperate need for goods and services to flow into Gaza. Essential resources like food, water, and energy are critical for avoiding further humanitarian crisis and paving the way for peace. In the longer term, economic development is vital in reducing political and economic desperation and defusing the conditions that lead to extremism.

Freedom to egress from Gaza must be reestablished as refugees have a right to seek safety. Additionally, all signatories to the 1951 Refugee Convention and the 1967 Protocol, including Australia, have a duty to ensure the safety and protection of refugees. We commend Australia’s allocation of temporary visas to Palestinians with Australian connections and prompt other nations to honour similar commitments.

We call for an extension of the current ceasefire and for Israel to rethink the resumption of the ground offensive in Gaza. Israel must weigh up the second order impacts, including the human cost on its service personnel, the obstacle it poses to regional peace efforts, and the probability of civilian harm which may lead to subsequent radicalisation. The continuation of the ground invasion will not achieve the goal of eliminating Hamas, because of the underground nature of Hamas, but also because of the way that groups such as Hamas use persecution as a way to gain support and recruit new members.

We firmly support self-determination and nationhood rights for both Israelis and Palestinians. The two-state solution remains a viable compromise and is widely recognised as a practical and just means of allowing Israelis and Palestinians to govern themselves independently while coexisting peacefully. The two-state solution upholds the principles of mutual recognition, preserves historical context, and enables practical coexistence in line with international consensus and numerous United Nations resolutions. To make progress toward this end, we encourage both populations to support moderate leaders and distance themselves from those who use violent conflict as a tool to keeping both populations in constant fear as a means for political control. We call on the international community to apply both pressure and support, including economic incentives. Advocates for a one state solution must recognise the human rights and dignity of all with a claim to residency across the region, including a right of return.

In addition to the provision of humanitarian aid, we advocate for a multinational peacekeeping force to provide security and instil confidence for both parties. Nations must engage with this conflict only under international endorsement. UN Security Council authorisation could be one possibility, heeding the rules and international norms relating to conflict resolution.

Domestically, we encourage Australian supporters on both sides of this conflict to engage in meaningful conversations, rooted in common values of multiculturalism and tolerance. These values stand against violence and discrimination and must be protected and promoted.

Pirate Party Australia strongly advocates for a permanent and peaceful resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict and stands in solidarity with all seeking a just and enduring peace in the region.

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  1. Please conduct a sq m analysis of the geographical boundaries per nation. Also a census of all the religions in the west. Due to sheer mono culture and endangered species, right to proselytise in Africa. Also versions of the holy texts with all proper nouns changed to fictional and different for each nation.

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